Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Seven

Elijah did really well on the stairs today - he's doing much better with stepping down the steps. He also worked on gaining strength in his arms, crawled through a tunnel, and did more practicing drinking from a straw. The think big sign (above) is painted on the wall of the speech therapy room and Elijah likes to look at it - always thinking big that boy of ours.
Day Seven - 3-10-09 Day Seven - 3-10-09 Day Seven - 3-10-09
Would you believe me if told you that Elijah fell asleep during speech therapy today? One yawn and he was out. What a funny boy. We're doing well, tired, but well. Almost halfway through week two.


Rich said...

I did steps too Elijah... My orientation and mobility teacher had me learn how to use the white can on steps... Then she had me do the steps again, BLINDFOLDED!

You can read my post abut step training:
And my post about Escalators & Elevators
See how us blind and low vision people do steps!

Lisa said...

Hi Rich,
Thanks so much for sharing your posts about climbing the stairs, escalator, elevator. It's really encouraging that you are doing so well as it gives me hope that one day Elijah will be able to flawlessly navigate his world as you do.

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