Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Sleds: Firsts in the Snow

Winter was my favorite season as a kid. It's not really my favorite season anymore (driving and bundling up kids and dealing with car-seats, need I say more?), but there is something so magical about the first big snow of the season - and something amazing about watching our kids experiencing it.
Elijah wasn't up for posing for a picture
We got over a foot of snow on the 9th of December and we were so excited to take the boys out into our backyard winter wonderland. 
Elijah remembered the fun times he's had in previous winters and was excited go sledding down our hill.
For Oliver, this was his first experience with snow and cold. He had a serious look on his face the entire time we were outside; when I would ask him about the snow he would give me a big smile.  I think he apprehensively approved.
They were having fun, really!
A happy first for Eli this year, too. He got to the bottom of the hill sledding with dad and signed "more" for more sledding. We're so proud that he is communicating with us more and that he's using his skills in various locales.
Oh, that face!
When we were done playing outside, our cheeks and noses were quite red and cold.
Two sleds
Our hearts were warm and full; two boys playing in the snow this year, both experiencing firsts of their own.


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