Monday, October 18, 2010


Elijah seems to be thriving in ABA and preschool.  He is so happy these days, calm and content and happy. He's busy and he loves it. He soaks in all of the extra attention he's getting.
Change is never easy. Sending our boy to preschool hasn't been easy for me, nor has inviting multiple people in our house to do ABA therapy.  Not easy, but it is the right thing to do for Elijah.  I'm learning that as a parent sometimes you must do what is best for your child, even if that something is difficult (or even painful) for you. 
I have to let go of what I thought parenthood would be like and let our life unfold in front of us. As I do, I see what a beautiful thing it is.  It's different than I had imagined, but it's just as amazing as I had thought it would be.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ask and You Shall Receive

This morning, Elijah wakes up in his bed and starts to make whiney, "I want to get out of bed NOW!" noises.
"Can you let Elijah out of bed?" I mumble and flip the opposite direction from Andy.
I hear Andy get out of bed, shut the gate at the top of the stairs, unzip Elijah's bed, "Good morning, Elijah," and he gets back into bed with me.
Footsteps. Fast footsteps.
"Let's go downstairs," Elijah says with his talker at the top of the stairs. 
"Let's go downstairs. Let's go downstairs. Let's go downstairs."
Elijah is in our room, standing at the foot of our bed. He shouts/growls/whines something that sounds a whole lot like, "Mom" in a tone that's the equivalent of a small child pulling on your pants. 
"Let's go downstairs."
I spring from bed, open the gate and we go downstairs. 
Ask and you shall receive, my boy.
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