Monday, August 14, 2017

Double Digits

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to write one blog post a year, on Elijah’s birthday.
So here we are. Hi.
Ten years have passed since Andy and I became parents, ten years since we were thrown into the deep end of parenting without swimming lessons or a floatation device.
I feel like we’re swimming now, even if it means treading water at times.
Elijah, despite difficulties and setbacks, is thriving. He loves his family, school, and his life. His smile is still the widest and greatest smile in the entire world. He’s persistent and patient and loveable. He’s frustrating and instigating and funny.
I find that Elijah is constantly finding new ways to challenge us and keep us on our toes. Just when I think our home is safe – or Elijah-proof – he finds new ways to turn our hair gray. Climbing on top of our shelves, jumping from coffee table to couch, breaking our safety gate, or climbing on the outside of our stair railing. 
Elijah is an important member of our family, our beloved firstborn. How is it possible that a decade has flown by us? And where will the next ten years bring us? I honestly hope it brings us a bit more peace and a smidge more quiet. But, with three boys under our roof, I won’t be holding my breath. I hope it brings us time together to grow as a family; I hope we forge another decade of wonderful memories.  
Thanks for making us parents, Ligee-Lou. Welcome to the double digits, big boy.
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