Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sleep…it’s a desirable possession when you’re a parent to a little one. Here’s just a little story about Elijah’s sleeping escapades…

Last night Elijah woke us up at about four a.m. I went in his room to find him 180 degrees from where we laid him down…and on his tummy. I couldn’t help it; I started to laugh. Andy had to get out of bed to see what was so funny. I didn’t touch the little guy, but just watched him as he decided to play in his crib a little bit. He decided four a.m. was a good time to get in some tummy time and he was reaching for the edge of his crib. Then he got frustrated and tried to roll back over, but he was lying too close to the edge of his crib. No problem…he simply rolled over the other way and proceeded to smile at me.

He is such a goofball sometimes. I am definitely seeing changes in him. By the way (as you might have noticed in the previous paragraph) Elijah is now rolling over from his back to him tummy. He doesn’t do it often, but it’s pretty exciting nonetheless.

Speaking of sleep…:)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ahh, the beauty of emotions... Today I was grinning from ear to ear and my face started to hurt. It’s a world away from yesterday’s crying episode. Obviously today’s visit with Early Intervention went really well…

We had three ladies in our house…our regular Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist and a Teacher. The PT and Teacher haven’t seen Elijah in a month and he’s obviously made changes since then.

It was a fantastic visit. Elijah had just woken up from a really long nap and he ate shortly before they arrived, so he was ready to play…and spit-up. :)

Elijah was very active with his hands today, which is a really exciting development. He did great and was batting at all sorts of things. The OT seemed excited. She thought Elijah has made a lot of improvements since she saw him, which was just last week!

The teacher and PT, who haven’t seen Elijah for awhile, commented on how much more active he is and how he is so much more engaging. The OT, who sees him every week, also said she thought he was being much more attentive today. They were all happy to see him deliberately batting at objects and looking at them. It was so exciting and I couldn’t stop smiling. I think this is the most I have ever seen him bat at things all at once and it was so great that he did it while the ladies were here.

Elijah is such a little miracle and he keeps proving it time and again. It’s so much fun to be with people who cheer him on, who delight in those small (but important) improvements, who get excited about his accomplishments. I have to remind myself that just because Elijah isn’t doing something now, doesn’t mean that he never will. He will get there and I just have to sit back, relax, and cheer him on. (Sometimes that’s easier said than done… I think all parents worry. And, unfortunately, we have legitimate reasons to worry).

When they all left, the PT said, “You’re doing a great job with him. It shows.” That meant so much to me…to have that affirmation from someone who works with children and who hasn’t seen him for awhile. Sometimes I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and it’s nice to know that all the time I spend working with my little man is paying off. (I know, of course, that it’s not all because of me!!) I also know I need to just relax and enjoy motherhood a bit more. Again, sometimes that is easier said than done.

Now that our appointments have leveled off, we can just enjoy our boy and enjoy being a family again. Thanks again for keeping up with our story and for the prayers. Our family is so blessed and I feel so grateful for those of you who keep on reading about and praying for our boy. It’s a happy day and now I need to get some sleep…my boys are already doing just that and I need to join them! Goodnight. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Elijah and I went to school today. We’re taking a 6-12 month infant class, which basically means that we get together and do some fun songs and games with other babies and their mommies. I thought it would be good for us – for Elijah to see other babies, gain some new experiences, to stimulate his development - and for me to meet some other mommies, maybe make some friends in the area, and get out of the house.

It took me awhile to decide if I even wanted to sign up for the class. Honestly, I thought it might be difficult for me to see other babies and what they are doing developmentally compared to Elijah. I told myself, though, that it’s important for me to not hold Elijah back based on my feelings and apprehensions. I want to give him every opportunity in life and I don’t think it would be fair to not do something just because it might make me uncomfortable.

So how did our first day of class go? Well, I was uncomfortable.

Elijah actually slept through the first part of class. He had fallen asleep in the car on the way there and didn’t wake up until about halfway through the class, so he missed most of it. The majority of his classmates are six months old, two are nine months (there are less than ten babies in the class). So, most are the same age he is. In fact, one baby even shares Elijah’s birthday… a baby named Andy. :)

I was doing fine until we started discussion. The teacher wanted us to go around the room and share our birth experience (I was not expecting that!). I thought, “Okay, I can do this.” But, I broke down telling them a short synopsis of Elijah’s birth. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on my emotions, they come flooding out again…and at the worst possible moment. I suppose that’s just they way emotions work, they don’t ask you your permission as to when they are going to appear. I sometimes wonder when I’m going to “get over it”, but then I realize it was a very traumatic experience and it’s only been six months. It takes time to heal and I’ll get there. Elijah will too.

Anyway, it was an awkward hour of my life. Have any of you started crying in front of relative strangers before? It’s kind of humiliating. Everyone was nice of course, but it’s awkward nonetheless. They all gave me these sympathetic smiles and I know they were trying to understand what I’m going through. For me, though, it was just embarrassing. Anyway, I’m not exactly sure why I’m sharing this because in some ways writing about it is almost as embarrassing as living it. Somehow, though, I am always compelled to write about my little family and the ups and downs of our lives. I don’t know why, but it’s so cathartic to write it all down because after all, this is our story…for better for worse. And, for better or worse, I think someday I will like having this record of our journey.

Overall, I’m glad that I went to the class. I do think it will be good for both Elijah and I to get out of the house once a week. The class is every Tuesday for the next nine weeks, so hopefully I’ll get to know these ladies better and I’m sure they’ll forget about my crying. Tomorrow Early Intervention is coming, which will happen every Wednesday now. So, two days a week we have activities planned and I can only think that all of that stimulation will be good for Elijah. Despite my leaky eyes, things are going well. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For those of you wondering, my surgery was very uneventful and went very well this afternoon. It took even less time than expected because the patient before me had cancelled. The anesthesia didn’t affect me too much other than causing me to be tired (which is a common thing these days anyway!). The lesion didn’t look suspicious upon removal, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It feels good to have the whole thing over and is one less thing on our minds. I feel myself breathing a sigh of relief as our appointments for Elijah (and me) have now come to a close.

Elijah was a very good boy for his grandparents in our absence, which is such a relief. I had been so worried beforehand that he would refuse his bottle or cry the whole time we were gone, but he had a lot of fun with his grandparents. Of course he did, why did I worry? I suppose because that’s what moms do. He really is such a good baby. This was the longest I’ve been away from him since he was born and we both did just fine (I’m the one with separation anxiety, remember?:)).

I’m off to bed in a few minutes. I’m looking forward to getting some extra rest as Andy is going to give Elijah a bottle tonight if he wakes up hungry to allow me to have some extra rest and recovery time. Goodnight and thanks so much once again for all of the prayers you’ve all sent up for our family. Sometimes I feel so overjoyed with all the love I feel is surrounding us. Thanks!

Our appointments went well today. We were nervous about the day’s proceedings, but there was no reason to worry and everything turned out just fine.

Our afternoon started with a CT scan on Elijah’s head. The last time he had a CT scan, Elijah slept through the whole experience. Now that Elijah is older, he was wide awake and got to experience a trip in what I called a spaceship. The whole experience only lasted a few minutes, but was agonizing for us to watch. Elijah was very quiet and still at first, but fear crept into his eyes and he started to cry. Talking and singing to him helped, but it was difficult to watch his lower lip bulge and to hear him cry. (It was hard for me to hold back my tears watching him!) Overall, it was a relatively uneventful experience and Elijah calmed down once we could hold him again.

Next we headed to a different hospital to have his scan interpreted. We had to wait a long time because they had difficulty with receiving the results, but eventually we got to see the plastic surgeon. He told us good news…the plates on Elijah’s head still haven’t fused prematurely. The doc also told us that he didn’t think Elijah would benefit from a cranial cap. The reasoning behind it is that a helmet cannot pull a skull, but only push it. Elijah needs the front of his head to push out and only the growth of his brain can do that. To me, this is a catch-22 situation. On the one hand, I’m thrilled that he won’t have to wear a helmet. On the other hand, it’s frustrating because there isn’t much we can do about his head shape other than wait, hope, and pray that his head will grow and resolve the issue. The good news is that his skull hasn’t fused, so his brain has the room to grow and the opportunity to push the skull out…and he won’t require surgery at this time.

We didn’t get to see the neurosurgeon today as was planned (his grandmother had died and he was at the funeral). He will take a look at Elijah’s scan too, and get back to us about what he thinks. We have no reason to think that he would say anything different, but it’s nice to have a few opinions about the matter. We’ll be seeing these doctors again when Elijah is one year old. That seems so far away, but as we already know from experience, six months go by fast. Thanks once again for all of the prayers! Today went better than expected.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I’ve never had so much fun watching another person eat as I did last night. Elijah had his first taste of green beans and it was so neat to watch him experience a new taste. He did a great job eating and took way more than we expected. Not only did he eat it, but I think he would have taken even more if I had made more.

I’m sure all parents get excited about feeding their child solids for the first time, but Andy and I have even more to be grateful for. We are so thankful that Elijah can eat, as with brain injury it is very common that a child cannot suck or swallow. Our little guy is having no problem eating and swallowing his food. That is such a blessing! During your next meal, take a moment and think about how wonderful your food tastes…it’s such a blessing to be able to eat and it’s something most of us (myself included) take for granted!

Well, I suppose I should be getting some things done to get ready for our appointments this afternoon. Just thought I’d take a moment to tell you about our little green bean eater. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Elijah had his six month check-up this morning with his pediatrician. It was a good visit, but I feel anger seeping back in and I am fighting to stay positive. Not that we learned anything new really. It’s just hard to see our son dropping off of the charts of “normal.”

It has been reconfirmed that Elijah’s head is small. It’s growing, but growing very slowly. We already knew this of course. It’s difficult, though, to have to tell the nurse who measured him, that yes, she measured correctly. Yes, his head isn’t growing like most of the kids she measures. Yes, it has only grown half a centimeter in two months. Yes, he’s below the charts.

We thought Elijah would remain at the top of the charts for weight because he’s always been a big guy. We’ve been excited to find out how much he weighs, but were a little concerned to find that he now weighs 17 pounds. He has only gained six ounces in the last two months, which isn’t much at all. When the doctor came in to talk to us, he explained that Elijah’s head size is the reason for the lower weight. Most children Elijah’s age have huge heads, which add a lot to their weight. Based on looking at Elijah, he is healthy and is gaining enough weight, so the percentiles don’t really mean anything in regards to his health.

There is one area that Elijah is at the top of the charts, though: length. He is almost 28 inches long, which puts him in the 90th percentile. We have a tall boy!

The doc also went through a development chart with us. Elijah is doing well, but he is showing some developmental delays. I can deny it all I want, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is behind his peers. The area of concern is his fine motor skills. He seems to be doing well in all of the other areas…social, self-help, and gross motor. But, he should be able to pick something up from the floor at this age and he should be reaching for things. Again, this isn’t really new news. It is still difficult to have our fears confirmed and to see on a chart that he is lagging in the fine motor area of development.

The doc also thought Elijah’s soft spot has gone away, which might be an indication that his skull is fusing together early. This brings me to the rest of our week. Tomorrow Elijah will be having a CT scan and will be seeing the neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon. We’ll be finding out definitively if his skull has fused prematurely and will be discussing if Elijah could benefit from a cranial cap to mold his skull. I know that Andy and I are both nervous about tomorrow’s appointments and could definitely use the prayers that everything goes well.

It’s going to be a busy week. On Wednesday, I am having minor surgery. I have a lesion on my leg that I am getting removed since it seems to be getting larger. I have been told that they don’t think it is cancer, but it should be removed because it is growing. I’m nervous about the surgery because I’ll have anesthesia and I don’t want to be away from my boy for long. I could use the prayers that the surgery will go well, that my recovery will be quick, and that Elijah will be a good boy for his grandparents in my absence. I would really appreciate the prayers.

What else is going on this week? Elijah’s Occupational Therapist is coming on Friday, which is now a weekly occurrence. It’s a busy week and honestly I’ll be glad when it’s over. After this week, the appointments in our “appointment month” will be over. Phew!

We could certainly use the prayers for our little dude. Pray for tomorrow’s appointments to go well, that his head isn’t fusing early, that his head will grow, and that his fine motor skills will improve. Overall, things are good. It is hard at times to ignore the statistics and focus on the positive. We know that the fervent, effective prayer of a righteous man avails much and we know with God all things are possible. Elijah is making progress and he will continue to do so. I remind myself that just because Elijah isn’t doing something now, doesn’t mean he will never do it. Our pediatrician is a really nice guy and as he said, “focus on the positive” and “he’s come a long way.” Elijah really has come a long way considering how he was doing on a rainy night six months ago. We’ll keep showering him with love and leave the rest up to God. Keep those prayers coming! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Elijah had a ‘half-birthday’ yesterday. Can you believe he is six months old already?

Elijah is so much fun and such a joy to be around. We can tell he is getting older and he is doing some fun new things. Sometimes we’ll say “I’m going to get you!” and we’ll tickle him. He’ll start giggling before we even touch him. He is also becoming more mobile. Elijah never used to move around in his crib, but now we’ll go into his room to find that the little guy has moved 90 or even 180 degrees. He also moves from his back to laying on his sides a lot, which is a position he likes to suck on his hand.

It also seems that he is keeping his hands un-fisted a lot more and is using his hands more purposively. We’ve seen him batting at and touching items on a regular basis. Just today, he was sitting in his Bumbo chair with some toys in front of him and he was batting at the toy. He’s not too coordinated yet, but he is trying to grab things. These are all great things and another answer to prayers. We know he is going to continue to improve and use his arms more as he gets stronger.

The other day Andy and I were talking to a woman when it came up in conversation that I had had a c-section. She was inquisitive about it. “Why did you have a c-section?” she asked. When I told her it was an emergency, she wanted to know more. It was a difficult labor we told her and our son suffered brain damage. (Elijah was jumping in my lap at the time.) Her eyes got all big and she said, “Brain damage? But, he’s perfectly fine! He looks like any other six month old! Sometimes doctor’s think they know more than they really do.” While, we think he’s great, it’s kind of wonderful when a random stranger thinks he looks great too.

Anyway, life is good. Next week is going to be busy and so we’re going to try and enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend. We hope you have a great weekend too!

Love, The Wagners

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I’m feeling tired and content. Tired, because while Elijah did a great job sleeping last night, (he slept from 8:30pm to 4am) I didn’t get to bed that early and therefore didn’t get very much sleep. Content, because today went really well.

We saw Elijah’s eye doc this morning. We showed her the picture of him going slightly cross-eyed and she seemed a bit concerned. We told her that it was a really rare occurrence and then she didn’t seem as concerned about it. We’re supposed to keep an eye on him to make sure he isn’t crossing his eyes more often. She said if he crosses his eyes for ten percent of the day or is doing it more often, then we should come in to see her about getting him fitted for eye glasses. Otherwise, we’ll see her in two months to check up on things again.

After the eye doc appointment, we drove over to the neurologist’s office. Since his office is literally next door to the Children’s Hospital where Elijah spent his early weeks in the NICU - and since we had some time to kill, we thought we’d pay his nurses a visit. Unfortunately, Elijah’s primary nurses weren’t working today, so we didn’t get to see anyone. I was a bit bummed as it would have been nice to show them how well Elijah is doing, but oh well.

I can say, though, that it was a strange and eerie feeling to walk down those halls of the hospital where we had previously spent so much time. Somehow the hallways seemed brighter, the floors shinier, the people nicer. Funny how a place can seem completely different when the circumstances are different – it was wonderful to be carrying our boy in our arms in a place where in the past we hadn’t been able to. It sure felt good when the people at the front desk referred to Elijah as a graduate with a smile. It makes him sound so refined! :)

We headed over to see Dr. Gloom in the late morning and all went well. I was impressed at how un-gloomy Dr. Gloom was today. In fact, I told Andy that if I had met Dr. Gloom for the first time today I might have even liked the man. He asked us how things have been and so we told him all that has been going on with Elijah, how pleased we are with his development and some of our concerns as well. Elijah was in a really good mood while we were talking to the doc. He was smiling, laughing, jumping. Dr. Gloom definitely got to see Elijah’s good side this time and I was so pleased.

The great news today is that Dr. Gloom didn’t notice tightness in Elijah’s tone!! He did notice a little bit of tightness in his left hand/wrist, but he called it mild. He said some kid’s tone does get better with time. (Hmm, I wonder if God’s intervention has anything to do with it?! As I write this, I am once again amazed at God’s greatness and how He continues to heal our son and diligently answer the prayers on the behalf of our son. Please keep up those prayers!)

We still have concern with Elijah’s head growth. His head size isn’t even on the charts anymore, which is a bit disappointing. I’m sure statistically that this means bad things as far as development goes, but I don’t care about statistics. I know Elijah can be an exception to the rule. He already is!

Dr. Gloom seemed impressed with Elijah’s jumping and was glad to see that his legs are bending normally. He commented that Elijah has really good head control and said he’s made vast improvements since the last time he saw him (if you recall, I was frustrated because Elijah wasn’t at his best the last time, though). Elijah did track the doctor’s knee mallet (what do you call those things?), but apparently not as much as the doc would like. He said Elijah is behind his peers when it comes to his attentiveness to things.

After an office visit full of positives, Dr. Gloom let out his gloomy side. He tried to be empathetic and said that it must be difficult for us to see what Elijah’s peers are doing. In all honesty, sometimes it is difficult to think that most babies his age are grabbing at things and seem to have longer attention spans. On the other hand, I remind myself that every baby develops at a different rate and considering all Elijah has been through, I should give him a break. I could tell in the way Dr. Gloom talked to us that he thinks Elijah is going to have cognitive disabilities. While I know that Elijah might have difficulties, I am still so optimistic. I know what God can do and I see brightness in our boy’s eyes. When Dr. Gloom said that it must be hard for us, I was proud of myself because I told him that we’re so thankful for Elijah and are so happy that he’s doing so well. I told him that we count our blessings because we know that Elijah could’ve been in a different boat – not breathing, not eating. I told him that we’re incredibly optimistic for the future. What did he say in return? “You guys are great”. And “keep doing what you’re doing with him”. Overall, it was a good day. We’ll see Dr. Gloom in another four months. Thanks for the prayers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We had a really good time this past weekend visiting our families in Wisconsin. Time always goes by too quickly, but it sure was nice to see everyone. Elijah seemed to take some time to adjust to being in a different place, but once he relaxed, he had a really good time too. (Uh-oh, is he becoming a homebody like his mommy?! :))

The Occupational Therapist came by this afternoon. She brought a wedge for Elijah to lie on and he did a really good job weight bearing on his arms. He stayed there on his tummy for about ten minutes which is really, really good.

The OT gave Elijah another A for today and said that his parents got an A too! (I guess we must be doing something right.J) She left us even more toys, so Elijah has all sorts of new things to play with, which is great. He even batted at one of the toys (it looks something like a cheerleader’s pom-pom and spun around in circles). He’s doing really well and I’m so glad that he’s having someone come every week to work with him now. I know that he is going to continue to thrive with the help of therapy and more importantly, the help of prayers.

Well, here we go again…Tomorrow morning we start our appointments. We’ll see the eye doc at 8:30 and the brain doc at 11:30. I’m not really excited about it, but I know that it’s in Elijah’s best interest.

The pediatric optometrist was extremely nice when I met her the first time, so that makes things a little easier. I’m a bit nervous, though, that they’ll find something wrong this time. He converges significantly less, but once in awhile I think I might see one of his eyes turn in a tiny bit. It’s very slight and I don’t know if I would think too much of it if he hadn’t had any birth issues. I did capture it in a picture, so we printed it out and will bring the photo in to the eye doc to see what she thinks. The good news about crossed-eyes is that there are things they can do to correct the issue at this tender age. So if there is an issue, I think there is hope that it could be corrected.

As far as Dr. Gloom goes, I think we all know how I feel about him. :) I’m feeling mostly indifferent about seeing him tomorrow. I’m trying to psyche myself up so that I can remain strong in his presence. I want him to be able to feel my optimism when I walk into the room. I want to be able to stick up for my son tomorrow if the doc says something with which I disagree. The Early Intervention ladies told us awhile back that Dr. Gloom was listed in the Twin Cities Top 100 Doctors list. We see him because he’s supposedly a good doctor. I don’t know what good he’s done us, except to freak us out unduly. I guess he can’t help it if God keeps proving him wrong! J Dr. Gloom has told us what he sees and then God shows us what He can do about it.

Anyway, we need some shut-eye! It’ll be an early morning for us since we’ll have to fight rush hour traffic. Please pray for things to go well tomorrow. Night!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Elijah’s appointment with Early Intervention went very well today. (Yep, I said today...there was a little mix-up, so they ended up coming today instead of yesterday…for those of you wondering).

Anyway…It was a really good session. Elijah was in a very happy mood and the OT said that he got an A because he did so well. He was smiling and didn’t mind getting his range of motion checked (he hated it last time). The OT said that his range was really good today. She didn’t notice any tightness, it was better than last time, and she could get a full range of motion out of him. These are all great things! I was really encouraged by today’s session.

The OT brought a toy to help with visual development and left it with us so that we can play with it. It’s a black board that you can attach colorful toys and the toys move around in a circle. Elijah was really interested in it.

The OT said I need to continue doing weight bearing exercises with his arms. His lower body and legs are very strong (probably from all that jumping!) but his arms need more strength. Elijah also got to do some exercises today on a ball…it was like the exercise balls they have for adults…only smaller. J He loved bouncing on the ball and was all smiles. He didn’t like it when the OT had him do tummy time and she got to see first hand how he likes to immediately roll over. I got more tips on how to promote his growth and she was very complimentary about the things I do with him naturally. I obviously don’t mind hearing that! It’ll be nice to have Early Intervention come every week now to help us out.

I’ve been noticing changes in Elijah lately. Just yesterday, I was about to make a phone call and the phone was sitting next to me on the couch. I noticed that Elijah was staring at the phone, so I moved it closer to him and he reached for it and started to touch it. I was so excited! He does seem to want to touch things more when he is interested in them now. He keeps getting stronger and smarter day by day! Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming!

(By the way…I’m exhausted and I’ve tried to proofread this, but my eyes are blurry and my brain is “soggy”, so if none of this makes sense, that’d be why. Elijah is still awake. He’s lying quietly in his crib and I’m hoping he’ll be able to drift off into dreamland. Last night he spent the night in bed with us because he refused to sleep. Where did our good sleeper go?:))

Monday, February 4, 2008

Perhaps because I know we’ll be seeing the neurologist soon, I have been writing a letter to him in my head. I wanted to write it down for two reasons. One: I can’t seem to get it out of my head and it is cathartic to write it down. Two: I’d never send it to him or say these things to him, but perhaps writing it down will give me more strength and confidence when we do see him. Anyway, here it is…

Dr. Gloom,
Please don’t tell us you’re sorry. Why would you be sorry? Our son is alive, he’s beautiful and we’re so blessed to have him our lives. We’re not sorry about that.

Don’t patronize us. Don’t look at our child like he’ll never amount to anything. Most of all, don’t limit his possibilities. Don’t tell us he won’t be able to do this or that. He can be anything he wants to be. He could be a neurologist someday as far as I’m concerned. That isn’t the profession I would choose for him, but I’m not going to limit his options in life.

Please be straightforward. Don’t coat your words in sugar, but don’t paint pictures of the worst case scenario either. We’ll deal with things as they come and we don’t need to be worried about what may or may not occur. Tell us what you see, but don’t be so dramatic about it.

Look at our miracle. For once, notice the positive things about him. Recognize how far he has come and realize how far he can go with God’s help. Look at the boy in front of you and smile. See how amazing he is and then I dare you to tell us how sorry you are.

I’m starting to feel apprehensive about our “appointment month” as you may have gathered. I don’t want to go to all of those specialists, but I know that we need to for Elijah. We want the best for him, of course, and we’ll do whatever is necessary to give him the best chances in this life.

This week the only appointment we have is Early Intervention. They are coming tomorrow afternoon. I always look forward to their visits and starting tomorrow, they’ll be coming once a week. It’ll be nice to see them more often and it will only help in Elijah’s development. Next week Wednesday is when the appointments start…he’ll be seeing the Pediatric Optometrist and the Neurologist. As always, I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and if you’re wondering, we had fun at the SuperBowl party. Elijah even watched part of the game on the big screen. I suppose the little stinker is going to want one of those now. :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I uploaded some videos of Elijah to his Photobucket site. Some of the videos are from December, so look for them in his 3-4 Months Dec 07 folder (there is a link on the left hand side of the screen on his Photobucket site). There are also some new pictures and videos on the main part of the site. Some of the videos might be boring to some of you, but I’m sure the grandparents will especially enjoy them. :)

We’ve been trying to gear ourselves up for all of the appointments Elijah will be having soon. Our appointment free month is over and I’m kind of bummed about that. But, onward we go, right?
Tonight we’re headed to a Superbowl party at Uncle Andy’s. It should be fun and we’re looking forward to it. We hope you are all doing well.

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