Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Nineteen

Yesterday, Elijah was pretty tired. What's new, right?

Since it was our last day with Elijah's primary PT, Amy, we chatted a lot about stuff that I can do with Elijah at home. I'm starting to wonder how I will keep him entertained every day. He's probably going to get bored with me after being entertained all day long by therapists for the last month! J

The first thing the PT or OT did every morning (this entire month of therapy) was to heat up Elijah's left arm with a hot pack and then massage it. This would help his left hand become unclenched. Here is Amy massaging Elijah's hands yesterday…
Day Nineteen - 3-30-09 Day Nineteen - 3-30-09
The kid has abs of steel. I really don't think that I would be able to do all the things he's able to do on a ball…
Day Nineteen - 3-30-09 Day Nineteen - 3-30-09
Elijah's new friend, Ben, made him a going away card. I asked him what the drawing was at the top and he said they were "silly stairs" (He must've noticed all of the stair climbing Elijah did!). I loved how Ben would call Elijah "Jah" at times. What a sweet little boy. "This is for you E-Lie-Jah, I'm going to miss you." So sweet!
In speech therapy, Elijah removed a ring all by himself!! I wasn't even watching that closely, because it kind of came out of nowhere. It was unprompted and it's just an example of how much more Elijah is using his hands. See the orange ring on the floor? Elijah took it off all by himself!
Day Nineteen - 3-30-09
We had to say goodbye to Amy yesterday. Bye Amy! Thanks for everything.
Day Nineteen - 3-30-09 Day Nineteen - 3-30-09
As I write this, we're completing our final day of therapy. Tonight we drive home. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels.


T.C.Randle said...

Elijah endured to the finish of therapy. What a little trooper.

Missy Klor said...

It is very encouraging to hear how HBOT has helped your son. He is an adorable little boy and looks very happy. He is blessed to have you as parents as you are blessed to have him as a son! I am starting HBOT with my son on Monday April 6th. I will be doing 2 sessions a day with him. I saw your one blog where you were worried about too much oxygen. Did you just stop giving him the oxygen in the chamber? What did you find out about this? My son is only 10 months old and him getting too much oxygen is one of my fears. Where did you have your HBOT done? I couldn't find it in your most recent posts. Also, I thought you might be interested to read my blog. It contains information that I have found on a choline supplement that a neurodevelopmentalist recommended to me and it has greatly helped my son.

Ellen Seidman said...

I can't believe you're coming home already. I am so glad you had a basically good experience. And I agree with Mommy Klor, Elijah is so very, very lucky to have you as parents.

Hope you had a good, safe trip.

Andy said...

tcr4ever39 - Yes, Elijah worked hard and made some great progress. He is a little trooper!

Mommy Klor - Thank you! I hope you've been able to complete some dives with your son this past week. We did take a break from HBOT and intensive therapy for a couple of days to give Elijah a much needed break. When we resumed HBOT, we went with the lowest pressure, and with room air for a couple of days just to be safe.

I am interested in finding out more about the choline supplement. Which neurodevelopmentalist recommended it to you?

Ellen - We're happy to be home. Thank you!

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