Monday, March 23, 2009

Day Fourteen

It was back to the coal mines for us today. While it's hard to get back in the routine after having our relaxing four-day weekend, we realize that this experience will be over faster than we can blink. I'm trying to remind myself to make the most of it.

I feel much better and I'm glad that we decided to take a break. I was able to get some extra rest these past four days - AND with the help of some weights our PT lent us, Elijah has been sleeping much better at night. What a blessing that has been! He slept for twelve uninterrupted hours on Wednesday night and he's been sleeping better ever since. There has been more than one night I've woken up without a small child laying near (or on top of) me! It's been a long time since that's happened. It's been nice and I hope it continues.

Pics from the weekend...
Photobucket Weekend - 3-20-09

Pics from today...
Day Fourteen - 3-23-09 Day Fourteen - 3-23-09

We're on the downward stretch and Elijah keeps making improvements. He seems so much faster these days. I take my eyes off of him for a moment and he's playing in the dog food (Aunt Darlene moved the dog's water, so he's got to play with something, right?...) or walking down the hallway (sideways...) or licking the floor (we're working on that one). He's a silly boy and I love it.


Jim Buckmaster said...

Hi Elijah,

I love that part about licking the floor. Talk about creating incentive for Aunt Darlene to keep her floor so clean you could eat off of it!

It's been super to see you in Sabbath services constantly exploring, exploring, exploring...Curious minds want to know. I have been watching you travel around, under, through and over a variety of obstacles that you encounter on your tours of the hall where we meet. I have been ponderating what I could contribute to help advance your life skills and social interaction and I finally hit on something that should be a big help.

Motor noises! Yep! You heard correctly, Motor Noises. This is an essential part of every boys auditory inventory. I mean, Motor Noises rank right up there with Mamma and Daddy in terms of importance and frequency of use.

Who better to pass on this tremendously vital piece of knowledge than a dyed in the wool, confirmed, incorrigible, Motor Head like myself. After all, Dad and uncle Dan have the whole computer thing covered, Mom and Aunt Darlene will do their very best to pass on the intracacies of table manners, interaction with others, how to treat girls, being polite, etc. and those things are all good to learn... but Motor Noises are so fundamental to a boy being able to thoroughly enjoy himself!

We can work on race car sounds which really get the adrenoline flowing, tractor noises which help you understand being productive, outboard motor music which will help you think about fishing and relax, school bus sounds which will get you in the proper frame of mind for learning, the sound of a screaming motorcycle engine for when you entertain thoughts of growing up to do stunts like Robbie Knevil (Not his dad, Evil Knevil who didn't approach his sport as scientifically) The auditory vibrations of a fighter jet thundering overhead when you want to strike fear in those around you, and the whisper quiet of a glider soaring on an updraft when you want to be at peace.

These are just a few of the sounds I can help pass along to assist you in your growth as a well-rounded boy. I can hardly wait to see your eyes light up when we start. Keep breathing that HBOT stuff and get those lungs in shape for this newest challenge. See you soon!

Your Motor Head instructor, Jim

Michelle said...

Licking the floor, that's pretty good. I have a friend who's son always pours his drink on the ground and then tries to lap it up like a dog... boys are so silly!
I'm happy to hear that your restful weekend did the trick and that you are both feeling ready for another week... I have to say that I am extremely jealous of the 12 hour stretch of sleep Elijah got. Being pregnant makes me long for more sleep pretty much all the time!
Take care - I hope it is a great week for the two of you, and that Elijah doesn't eat too much dog food. :)

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