Friday, July 6, 2012

Lovely Day

We enjoyed a lovely low-key Independence Day. 
The first pic of just me and my boys
 I made the boys dress in red white and blue. Because I can, that's why.
Had to include this one for Oliver's expression (...melt)
We let Elijah hold his little brother. Or, more accurately, I held Oliver next to Elijah.
Elijah was very interested in his little brother.
 Oliver, on the other hand, just seemed worried about the whole deal.
We took the boys out for lunch and went shopping. And then Eli went swimming. It was a HOT day.
Elijah's favorite guy was by his side too.
Before bed, Eli and daddy lit some sparklers while I watched from inside while Oliver filled his belly.

Yes, it was a lovely Independence Day. What a blessing! I hope all you Elijah-fans had a lovely day as well. 
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