Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day Four

Elijah and I are getting pretty tired. Go figure, huh? J

Being tired can be a good thing, though. For example, Elijah took a nap today during both of the hyperbaric sessions. The poor little guy always knows what's coming, but once inside the chamber, he seems to know that it's nap time. Even if he takes a long time to fall asleep, he just lays and cuddles with me. It's relaxing and kind of nice, actually.

Elijah does really enjoy his physical, occupational, and speech therapy - but he did get a bit grumpy today. It's actually pretty amazing that he hasn't been grumpier. He's really been a trooper this week.

Today, he got to play with his hands in the water…and practice using "lefty."
Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09

He got to work on his balance.
Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09

And he did great in speech therapy. He's working on learning how to drink from a straw. I'm so excited about that!
Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09 Day Four - 3-5-09

Things are going well as we near the end of week one. I'm trying to pay close attention so that I can do some of this therapy for Elijah when I get home. I consider this therapy training for me as well.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Elijah and your family. Thank you for sharing this. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa and Elijah,
I came upon your article in the Leader Telegram and have been keeping up on your progress. I just want to say, WOW! You guys are amazing. Elijah, you are an inspiration.
Mary Hamann

Anonymous said...

I read your updates everyday! Even though distance is an issue at times, you are SO CLOSE in my heart! Love ya!

jc said...

Happy Sabbath Guys! Hope everything is going well, Nice Pics!

Ellen Seidman said...

Hi! Just catching up now, I am so glad that things are going well for you! Elijah looks like he is enjoying himself! That's so sweet that he naps cuddled up with you during the therapy.

Dave used to joke that maybe the HBOT would make him smarter! Not so sure about that. HA!

Have I ever told you that when I look at Elijah, I want to reach out to the screen and pinch his cheeks? I do!!!!

Take care.

Lisa said...

Hi all- Thanks so much for all of the comments. It really means so much to us. I know that you're all thinking of us and we really appreciate it. :)

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