Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Ten

If Elijah was tired yesterday – today he was exhausted. Near the end of therapy today he kept cuddling with his PT and was trying to fall asleep while pretending to be Superman. Poor little man - but he did get to nap in the chamber afterwards. We sure are glad that we get a much needed break for the weekend.

One of the things we did today was work on learning how to safely get down from a surface. The stinker kept trying to walk over to the tiny edge that had no yellow on the edge.
Day Ten - 3-13-09 Day Ten - 3-13-09 Day Ten - 3-13-09
Elijah is doing really well in the chambers these days. He doesn't really cry much anymore and tries to crawl and walk around the chamber. It's kind of difficult to keep the oxygen tubes from getting all tangled, but at least he's having fun. The best is when he takes a nap (so that I can sneak one in too).

It's nice to have daddy around and I'm planning on having a relaxing weekend.
Day Ten - 3-13-09 Day Ten - 3-13-09
We're now halfway through our latest adventure. It's going by fast.


Rich said...

Elijah you look just like your dad.... LOL

Ellen Seidman said...

Hi! I am sorry I've been AWOL this week, I have been thinking about you. I am so glad this is all going so well. I know JUST how excited you were when Elijah put a spoon in his mouth, and that he's been closing his lips more. We've been there. I hope he continues to make lots of progress on that front. We, too, used to hope and hope that Max would put stuff in his mouth, because he was so orally sensitive.

Here is a spoon that has been great for Max, because it's at an angle, it's called a Boon Bender:

Lisa said...

Rich- Elijah does look just like his dad! Although people used to say that he looked more like me - no fair! lol

Ellen- Thanks for thinking of us. Elijah seems to be so similar to Max in so many ways, so I know that you understand my excitement. Perhaps that's why I love your blog so much...that and the fact that you're an excellent (funny, thought-provoking) writer. :) Thanks for the tip about the spoon - that's THE spoon he put in his mouth!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Elijah! Brecken is starting Hyperbaric Therapy on the 23rd, and we would love to meet you and your mommy while we are there.

Brecken and Mindy Dahlberg

Lisa said...

Hi Brecken and Mindy,
Looking forward to meeting you on Monday!

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