Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just wanted to mention a conversion I had with Elijah's Early Intervention therapists before we left for our latest adventure.

Our OT had read what I wrote about autism in the Eighteen Month Check-up post and wanted to reassure me that she didn't think that Elijah has autism. His other therapists piped in and also said they didn't think that Elijah has autism. Andy and I had heard that a lot of kids with cerebral palsy also fit on the spectrum, so we have almost half expected to eventually add another diagnosis to Elijah's growing list of diagnoses.

I'm sure this doesn't mean that autism isn't still a small possibility, it's just reassuring that his therapists aren't seeing the signs that would lead them to believe he's on the spectrum. The things he does that would signs of autism can easily be explained by his other diagnoses. For example, his inability to keep eye contact for very long and his desire to look at lights are part of his CVI diagnosis. So, they don't see any reason to believe that he has autism. Good news, right? J


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