Sunday, September 16, 2007

It’s been another great day with our little boy. He is doing so well and it seems that he has learned how to use his voice even more in the last few days. Maybe he’s starting to figure out that we’re at his beckon call. We’d do anything for him and he knows it. And to think when we first got him home we had to wake him up in order to make sure he was getting enough to eat!
So far Elijah’s favorite pastime is eating and I’m pretty sure he’d be content to eat all of his time that he’s awake. He sure is a squirmy fellow. I was trying to write this while holding him and that was nearly impossible. It’s time to go to bed and the little stinker is lying next to me wide awake. At least he’s not asking to eat…don’t worry, it won’t be long. I’d better make this short since I’d like to go to bed in the next century.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my last journal about anger. I feel a lot better today and it really helped me to get that off of my chest. It’s nice to know that others understand what I’m feeling and don’t judge me for it. Now I can go back to being my optimistic, happy-go-lucky self and look forward instead of backward. I love how healing writing can be. It is such a release.
Elijah and I both have the hiccups right now and I think it’s pretty funny. Well, we should really try to go to sleep the three of us. Goodnight and thanks again.


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