Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another great day… Elijah took a lot of naps and so I napped right along with him. It was really nice and I don’t feel quite as sleep deprived. I wonder how long that’ll last…:)
Tomorrow morning the early intervention people are coming to observe Elijah. The point is to make sure that he is meeting his developmental milestones. So far he has met everything in the 0-3 month category. It’ll be nice to have them come and observe Elijah; I expect them to be pleasantly surprised with his progress. If not, they’ll notice things we might not and would help us address any problems. I don’t anticipate any issues since I believe God completely healed our little boy. I know that God knows best whatever happens in our lives.
Well, it’ll be an early morning so I should be sleeping. Elijah just ate and now it’s time for bed. Elijah says goodnight!


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