Friday, September 14, 2007

Well, my “personal slave” (aka my mom) is officially gone. Elijah and I survived. I was a lot busier and wasn’t able to fit in any naps, but I was able to do it on my own. (Thanks for the help mom!)
Elijah has been really fussy today and we’re not really sure why. He wants to eat all the time and I comply, but he never seems to be satisfied. (Maybe it’s gas? I’m sure Elijah would appreciate me sharing!) Remember when I wanted so badly for him to cry? Well, he knows how to cry now. Remember when he was so sleepy and we were wondering if he was getting enough to eat? Well, now he likes to eat all the time. He is such a great little baby and all we want to do is make him happy. God has truly blessed us.
“Fake auntie” Heidi came to visit this afternoon and got to hold Elijah. Elijah was proud when she commented on how big he is. They seemed to like each other.
Well, I’m really tired and so I’m off to bed. I hope Elijah can fall asleep since he’s been crying a lot this evening. Thanks again for all the encouragement and prayers. Keep them coming! :)


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