Friday, September 7, 2007

Elijah kept us up a lot last night. He just wouldn’t go to sleep despite the fact that he was awake for a really long time yesterday. I thought for sure he would just fall right to sleep last night, but he just couldn’t seem to settle down. I think that’s one of the hardest parts about being a parent…trying to figure out what is wrong. I’m just glad I have something to try to figure out and that Elijah continues to voice his opinion.
Since Elijah was awake so much last night, he slept most of the day today. You know what that means…no sleep tonight. I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for that now. Thankfully I got a nap in today. Poor Andy doesn’t get any naps, but it seems he’s handling the sleep deprivation better than I am. Andy is such a huge help and I’m so glad that I have him. This is a team effort and I don’t know how women would be able to do this alone. It would be really hard.
Elijah’s temp has been keeping up really nice. The last few days we’ve had the house extremely toasty for Elijah while we adults were living in hot misery. Today the weather cooled down a bit and we opened all the windows. We’ve been putting less and less clothes on him progressively. Today I had him in an outfit that I bought while he was in the hospital. It is a warm weather outfit and his temp still stayed up. Of course I wrap him in blankets too. I’m starting to worry about it less which is nice.
The Israelites have been popping into my head a lot lately. They witnessed some pretty amazing things like the parting of the Red Sea and yet they doubted that God would take care of them. I always judged them a bit and now I relate (never judge others!). I have seen God perform many miracles in front of my eyes for my little boy and sometimes I still doubt that Elijah will have a complete recovery. I do sincerely believe that Elijah will be completely fine, but sometimes I let myself go to the “what if’s”. I don’t want to go there.
Thank you again for all of your prayers…for all three of us. We really do appreciate it. Pray Elijah will figure out the difference between day and night soon. :)


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