Saturday, September 8, 2007

Today was another great day at home. I’m feeling pretty fantastic since I got in lots of naps today. I’m a human again and have exited the world of zombies (I’m sure I will return again soon:)). I love being a mom and it’s nice to have Andy home all day with us. We’re a little family and it feels wonderful.
Andy gave Elijah a bath for the first time today. Elijah was awake for the whole thing and it’s so fun to watch him in his bath. He loves it and he’s so fun to watch. Our baby bath tub is great. It has a little hammock in it so you don’t have to worry so much about holding him all the time and he can just hang out in the warm water. I can’t wait until he starts splashing around in the water…and yes, making a mess.
Grandpa and Grandma Wagner got here this afternoon for a visit. Uncle Dan and Aunt Darlene are visiting too. Elijah is soaking it all in and seems to like all of the attention. He’s a popular guy. I suppose I should go to bed soon, so that’s all for now. Keep up with the prayers! We really appreciate it.


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