Monday, September 10, 2007

Elijah had a big day today. He amazed me at how much he was awake. It’s so nice to see those eyes of his exploring the world around him. We didn’t see them for such a long time that it’s such a joy when he is awake. Well, except when it’s nighttime. J
The nurse came by this morning to check on our little guy. He’s gained weight again and he’s now up to 10 lbs. 11.5 oz. The nurse said he’s right on for what they want to see a baby gaining. So, that’s great news and puts me at ease a little. He must be getting enough to eat. The nurse was really nice and said Elijah seemed like any other newborn. I obviously love to hear that. She also told us about the Early Intervention Program. We’ll be having someone come to our house to work with Elijah and making sure that he is meeting his developmental milestones. Since he’s making such progress, I can only think that this is going to bring him to the head of the class. He’s a smart and strong little guy. J The nurse will be coming again next Monday. She’ll check his weight again to make sure he’s still on track. He continues to do so well and I’m so proud of him.
We’ve had no temperature scares today, so that’s good. Our house is a bit toasty, but we’re surviving and Elijah is thriving.
Grandpa Lausted came to visit for today and got to hold Elijah for the first time. Now all of Elijah’s grandparents have been able to hold him and start the process of spoiling our little man. Grandma Lausted is here now and will be for most of the week to help me out. It is nice having my own personal slave…I mean helper. :)
The four of us took a quick trip to Target tonight, which would be Elijah’s first outing that wasn’t a clinic or hospital. I thought he would sleep through the whole experience, but he was wide awake and taking it all in. Like I already said, he was awake a lot today. It’s like he didn’t want to miss anything. He wanted to meet the nurse, be awake for grandpa, say hi to grandma, check out Target, do some playing, and not to mention eat. He’s so much fun! Now I hope he sleeps well tonight.
Speaking of sleep, I didn’t get a nap in today so I’d better go to bed. I’m so happy and I hope this finds you happy as well. Thanks for the prayers, the guestbook entries, for thinking of us, and for the cards. The outpouring of love has really meant a lot to us and comforted us (and continues to). Thanks and goodnight!


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