Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We’re home, we’re home, we’re home! It is so fantastic to finally be home with Elijah. He’ll be an entire three weeks old tonight at 10:58 pm. He seems like an old man with all he’s been through in his short life.
Elijah made us a little nervous this morning when we got to the hospital. He wasn’t really waking up for us and it was reminding us of what he was like before. Fortunately we did get him to eat by the bottle even in his sleepy state. He was simply too tired to eat the old-fashioned way. Stinker. J And, on top of that, his temperature was down a little again. It was making us nervous to take him home. He did wake up for us right before we took him home and he wanted to eat. So, he got a full belly before his ride home and he was alert for his stroller ride out to the car. He was looking around as we drove out of the parking ramp and seemed to be taking it all in. The car ride quickly put him to sleep. His temp has been fine since, but Andy and I will have to make sure to check it often to make sure he is warm enough. I’m wondering if it doesn’t have something to do with him being so sleepy, which I think is a result of the Phenobarbital. It’s a vicious cycle. He’ll be on Phenobarbital his first two months of life to prevent the seizures from coming back. It’ll be nice when he’s off of the drug, but of course we don’t want those horrible seizures coming back.
I was interrupted while writing this by a little man crying next to me. I thought he was hungry, but he quieted down before I could feed him. Maybe he just wanted to be held. This whole motherhood thing is a mystery, but I’m figuring it out. It’s just a little more complicated when you have a baby who won’t wake up for you. We just need to make sure he’s getting fed enough and sometimes that means waking him up. I never ever thought that I would be trying to wake up my baby, but here I am. It’s all worth it and so far we’re doing just fine.
Andy is feeding Elijah a bottle as I finish writing this. We gave him his medicine and then I fed him, but he fell asleep pretty quickly. I didn’t think he had gotten enough, so now we’re giving him a bottle and he’s eating that really well. I’m sure he’ll have enough now. I’m hoping as time passes, we’ll rarely have to give him a bottle and he’ll be less and less sleepy as the days go by.
Did I mention how nice it is to be home? We feel like a family now the three of us. It’s great to be together. It seems that Elijah even is happier and maybe picks up on the fact that his parents are more relaxed. He is a really happy baby for the most part any way.
I probably have more to talk about, but it’s time to go and get some rest. Elijah just finished eating and so we need to jump in bed. Hopefully he’ll wake up in the next few hours to eat on his own, but if not, we’ll have to try and wake him up. We want to make sure he’s getting the nourishment he needs to get big and strong. I hate having to have a schedule and would love to just let Elijah call the shots. For the most part, we are just feeding him when he’s hungry. It’s when he sleeps for too long that we get worried and have to wake him up. He’s a good boy and I know that we’ll find our rhythm.
Thanks for all the prayers! I know that we couldn’t have gotten home this soon without God’s help. The nurses are all still amazed at how fast his progress has been. They were oohing and ahhing over Elijah when we left. It’s like his victory is their victory. I know he will continue to heal because God continues to listen. Please continue to pray for us. We sure do need the prayers. I know that you’ve all been praying for us to get home and we did it! Now we need prayers that we’ll be able to do this on our own. Pray that his temp stays up, that he feeds well, and wakes up on his own to eat. And, of course, please pray for a full recovery. I’m off to sleep in my own bed with Elijah nearby. What a joy that I hope I never take for granted!
(Elijah is now three weeks old! It took me forever to write this since I have a little boy to take care of. :))


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