Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another fabulous day with a fabulous boy… Elijah got to go to church today and meet a lot of people. He does really well in a crowd and soaks in all of the attention. He liked the music at church and woke up when he heard it. He’s generally a happy guy and doesn’t fuss for us too much when he’s out and about. He doesn’t seem to mind that he’s not at home. It’s me that is getting used to all of this new stuff…getting used to things taking twice as long, having to take so much stuff when you leave the house, feeding him in public, being tired, etc. etc. There’s a lot to get used to when you’re a new mom. I never knew how much time I had before I had a baby!
Elijah went to a restaurant for the first time tonight. He did really well. He was awake and alert at first and was looking around at everything. He liked the light fixture above the table and stared at that a lot. He got fussy a little, but Grandma Lausted got him to go to sleep and he slept through the meal. We all ate and enjoyed ourselves. Then, right on cue, Elijah starting fussing when we got the bill. Elijah was just jealous that we were all eating and he wanted to eat too. We were very close to where we were staying, so we headed home and he ate again. He was a good boy for another first: eating out!
Well, I’m tired. Elijah is doing well and that’s all that really matters. Life is good.


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