Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think Elijah is having a growth spurt because he’s eating all the time! I get done feeding him and he wants to eat again. It doesn’t seem like I can get anything done since it’s a never-ending process. If it means he’ll grow big and strong, I’ll feed him all day long if I have to. I’ve read that babies have a growth spurt at three weeks…I guess no one told Elijah he’s four weeks old. Seeing that he had such a rough start, I think he has the right to choose when to have his growth spurts.
Elijah is such a normal baby that it’s hard to imagine that he went through so much. Not that I’ve forgotten, but it’s starting to fade a little. Or maybe I would just like it all to fade into a distant and horrible memory that I can think of as a nightmare instead real life. It’s amazing that the best and worst day of my life is all rolled into one. I’m still working through that and it’s not easy. I’ll get there.
Uncle Andy came by tonight for a visit and got to hold little Elijah for the first time. Elijah loves the attention. He’s getting really squirmy and it gets harder and harder to hold him. He is really doing well and continues to get stronger each day. God has certainly answered prayers and healed Elijah. I pray for a complete recovery and I see no reason to believe that that won’t happen. Thanks again for everything and goodnight! :)


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