Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can you believe it? Elijah turned five months yesterday!

I have a hard time believing that Elijah is already five months old. Yet, at the same time, I feel like he has been around for years. So much has happened in the last five months that it’s almost hard to remember a time before Elijah. In a lot of ways, I don’t want to remember the time before Elijah. He has enriched our lives so much that I really can’t imagine the world without him.

I guess because of Elijah’s five month birthday, I’ve been pondering all the things that I’m starting to take for granted. Well, for starters…breathing. Not to mention gagging, crying, nursing, and rolling. I seriously don’t even remember the last time I took Elijah’s temperature, so we’re obviously not worried about that anymore. We even took him on a walk last week…outside! (It was unseasonably warm that day). He was all bundled up of course, but it brought to mind the hot days in September when we had him in three layers of clothes. At that time, I wouldn’t have fathomed that we would take him for a walk in the middle of January.

Anyway, life is good and Elijah is doing exceptionally well. I don’t want to take that for granted. Sometimes we have to be grateful for the things most wouldn’t even think about…all the way down to breathing. Life is such a blessing.

Early Intervention in coming to visit tomorrow and I’m excited to see them. It’s been a month and I can’t wait to see what they have to say about Elijah. He always seems to love it when they come and I love getting the pointers on how I can help Elijah’s development. We’ll keep you posted.


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