Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don’t like to wait.

Who does like to wait? Patience is a virtue, as the saying goes. A lot of times, being patient is easier said than done. In our fast food culture, we want things and we want them done yesterday. I get caught up in that mentality too. I want God to answer me and it would be great if He would do so in my timeline. I don’t like waiting in line in the post office and now I have to wait years to see what will happen? That’s not exactly the easiest prospect.

I’m speaking of Elijah, of course. I was just thinking about his sweet little head and how I would love so much for it to grow and catch up with his peers. I worry, obviously, what a small head might mean for his future and his development. I ask God constantly to cause Elijah’s head to grow and sometimes think it would be great if I woke up one morning and Elijah was lying in his crib with a completely round, big head. While I know that God could do that for Elijah, God has a bigger and grander plan in store for my little man and I have to just…wait.

When Elijah’s life first started, God’s intervention on his behalf was obvious and quick. I can go back and read these journals for proof on how quickly God answered all of the prayers. What a faith builder and what a marvelous gift God gave us! Now that we’re home and things have settled down a great deal, things are moving slower. At times I expect those quick answers once again. I want all of my worries to be resolved immediately, but I know that God has a timeline that is much better than mine.

So, I’ll keep working on being patient. Please keep praying for our little man’s head. :)


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