Friday, January 4, 2008

It almost felt like a spring day today...almost. It was warmer and when Elijah and I went out to run some errands, it was wonderful to hear birds chirping. I got excited about warmer days ahead…almost…until I remembered that it’s January. Oh well, we’ll enjoy the so-called “warm” weather while it lasts.

I was just looking at photos of Elijah and I’m realizing how much older he is getting. He is losing that newborn look and seems so much older when I compare him to photos of his younger self. I understand why people say, “They grow up so fast” now. Elijah is surely growing fast. So often when I go out with Elijah, people say, “Oh, a new one.” When I agree with them and say, “Yep, he’s four months old” they always seem surprised because most think he is younger than he is. He’s a big guy for his age, so I’m always confused by this. Then I remember he has a small head for his age and realize that must be why people think he is younger. Do all parents get frustrated by complete stranger’s comments? I suppose they do and I suppose I’m a bit more sensitive to it because of what he’s been through.

Speaking of Elijah’s head, it definitely seems to be changing. To me, it seems to be filling out and rounding out. It’s hard at times for me to see that his head isn’t round like everyone else’s. It’s a constant reminder of what happened during his birth and I simply don’t want to remember anymore. I’d like to erase that whole experience from my memory. For the most part, I don’t think about Elijah’s rough start anymore. I’m too busy taking care of my jumping jack to worry about the past. And, too happy to let myself go back in time.

I think this is the first month since Elijah was born that he has absolutely no doctor appointments. Yay! He has Early Intervention coming to visit soon, but that is his only appointment this month. I’m going to enjoy it while I can, because in February he has six (or so) appointments in the span of two weeks. Yipes.

Please continue your prayers. A lot of good development can happen in the next month and a half, before all of his appointments. Main issues we are concerned about: tone – pray for it to not get any tighter. Head size and shape – pray for it to grow and round out. Head fusing – pray for his head to not fuse prematurely. I truly believe Elijah is going to be completely fine, with God’s help and guidance. He is meeting all of his milestones. Right now he seems to be getting closer and closer to sitting up on his own, while Andy and I cheer him on. One thing he is doing a lot more is laughing for longer periods of time. Andy was taking a vitamin the other day and Elijah thought the noise the vitamin bottle made was hilarious. Elijah is so much fun and we are so incredibly blessed that sometimes I want to cry and laugh the same time. Life is good and apparently I’m writing daily journals again…we’ll see how long that lasts. :)


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