Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elijah had a good day and enjoyed his visit with Early Intervention. (Well, for the most part…he did get a bit fussy about having his range of motion checked).

One of the first things Elijah’s Occupational Therapist said when she walked in the door was, “Look at that hair!” Elijah just recently seems to have sprouted some hair and I was glad that they noticed. She also commented that his head seems to have filled in more since they’ve seen him. I always like to hear this because although I think it’s changing, it’s hard for me to judge since I see him every day. They also said they like to hear all the variety of sounds he is making and that he seems to be really strong.

The OT did say that Elijah does have some tightness in his arms (this isn’t new news), but fortunately still has full range of motion. They gave me more tips on how to encourage his development…side-lying, helping him open his hands, etc. I also mentioned my concern that Elijah doesn’t seem too interested in reaching for objects and they gave me some tips on how to encourage him to do that. Overall it was a good visit. Starting next month, they’ll be coming once a week to work with Elijah. That’s kind of exciting for me because it’s so good for him and because so many changes occur after six months.

Tonight Andy and I gave Elijah a teeny tiny bit of rice cereal. He’s never had any solids before and he really didn’t get enough to call it a meal. He seemed to enjoy the new sensation of a different food, but he kind of just moved his tongue around and we weren’t sure if he swallowed anything. It sure was fun to watch him try something new, though.

Otherwise, it’s been pretty calm around here. I’ve been trying to enjoy our appointment free January because February is going to be crazy! Hope you are all well.


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