Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes I think back to when Elijah was first born and think “that wasn’t me, that wasn’t us”. It was such a surreal experience, like a nightmare we were all able to wake up from. The NICU seems like it was years ago, a horrible distant experience that I’ve burned into the recesses of my memory. I’ve separated myself from the memory for my own sanity.

And now, it truly is a dream. We have our little guy home and we’re living the life we always wanted…a life filled with dirty diapers, crying, drooling, and sometimes sleepless nights. It’s a lot of work, but it’s full of immense rewards. It’s a privilege to be a parent, to be able to watch another human grow and develop. And to teach that person all the things they need to know.

Tonight we had the privilege of teaching Elijah the joys of a new way to eat…via a spoon. If you recall, we gave Elijah his first taste of rice cereal a few days ago, but tonight he actually swallowed some of it. It was really fun for Andy and me to watch Elijah experience something completely new. He kept smiling at us and he really seemed to like it. It was a good start and it’s just the beginning of all sorts of new tastes for Elijah. Milk is still his main source of sustenance and it will be for awhile, but it’s exciting to think of all the new things Elijah will get to eat in the coming months.

Our good little sleeper has been changing his sleep patterns. Gone are the days of eight hour sleep cycles. Wow, that was nice! Not that we’re complaining…I just miss those days when he slept so well. Speaking of sleep, we’re off to bed. Elijah has just fallen asleep and as you can see, it’s late. The little guy will probably be up in four or six hours to say hi to us, so goodnight!

I hope you’ve all been able to check out the cute video we uploaded to Photobucket of Elijah laughing. It’s worth a look and I guarantee it will brighten your day to hear him laugh!


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