Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I had a coupon, so Andy, Elijah and I went to Babies R Us tonight. It’s always fun to go on an outing all together. Granted, shopping isn’t Andy’s favorite pastime, but he still enjoys being with us.
Andy and I haven’t been in Maple Grove since Elijah came into this world. It brought back memories of our carefree pre-baby days when we used to live in our apartment. We can hardly even remember what our lives were like before we had Elijah and don’t really want to. This world is a much brighter place with Elijah in it.
We might’ve stopped at Cold Stone on the way home. It was probably really yummy, but I’m not going to admit anything. J
Well, we’d better get into bed. Elijah has a doctor appointment tomorrow morning. I’m curious to see how much he’ll weigh this time. I’ll tell you in my next update. Goodnight!


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