Thursday, October 18, 2007

There’s nothing quite like being a mom. And people were right - we didn’t really understand this whole parenthood thing until it happened. How you’d do anything for him, love him, and sacrifice parts of yourself just to make him happy. You can’t really understand that until it happens.
Each day I fall a little more in love with this little man. It really is hard not to. He’s starting to look and coo at me, which is so special. He’s rambunctious most of the time, but once in awhile he’ll be falling asleep and he’ll just snuggle into me and make these sweet little noises. It’s so wonderful and I am in awe of this little creation from God. And so thankful that He let me borrow Elijah – because he really belongs to God after all. When you look at it that way – that Elijah is on loan from God – it’s so humbling because I know that God would do a better job. Then I remember that the whole point of this life is to be learning and growing and that goes for both Elijah and I. I think I’m learning and growing just as much as Elijah (although it’s hopefully not as obvious because I haven’t almost doubled my weight!:))
Anyway, we’re all doing great and hope this finds you all well.


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