Monday, October 29, 2007

Our little family had a really great day yesterday. Elijah and I were showered with love because “auntie” Heidi threw us a Welcome Baby Tea. Elijah got lots of cuddling and I got to have a lot of great adult conversation with the ladies from church (most of my conversations these days consist of goo-goo ga-gaJ). We had a great time and were so exhausted we went to bed before I got a chance to write an update. Thanks ladies! It was a lovely afternoon.
Today we talked to a lady who has dealt with a lot of children who have had rough starts. She looked at Elijah’s MRI and was amazed at how well Elijah is doing. In 26 years she’s never seen a child who had as rough a start as Elijah do this well. (Most children aren’t able to suck and swallow – to give you an idea). Once again, I am reminded of what God can do and again, we feel so blessed. I like to forget how bad it was, but when I hear things like that, I remember once again what a miracle Elijah is. I like to share because there is no explanation for Elijah’s recovery other than God’s intervention.
According to science, there was a good possibility Elijah would be a vegetable. That’s why “Dr. Gloom” was so, well, gloomy. He had reason to believe our child wouldn’t do so well, because almost all children don’t do well at all. For me to expect a full recovery is nothing short of a miracle. I remember telling nurses in the hospital that I believed Elijah would be completely fine. They would listen to me and be silent. I think they would’ve liked to say, “Yeah, he’ll be fine!” but they had seen too many kids to give me that reassurance. Thankfully, God has so gracefully listened and held our hands through all of this. We couldn’t have done it without Him and I hope I never forget to thank God for giving Elijah to us – not once, but twice!


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