Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This morning we had the Early Intervention people visit. Three people were here: a facilitator, a teacher, and an occupational therapist. They were all very nice and the visit went well. Elijah of course is a wonderful little boy and they all kept saying how cute he is. They all seemed pleased at how well Elijah is doing and I hope that they’re excited to work with him. Today was just the initial meeting and we mostly just talked. They got to see Elijah awake a little bit (he’s usually sleeping at the time they visited). He looked at them when they talked, so they got to see how well he is doing.
We have another appointment for this Monday. They will be performing a test called the Bayley Scales of Infant Development. It’s a standardized test that looks at cognition, language, and fine motor skills. It will be a starting point to help track Elijah’s development. I think it’ll help to make sure he is meeting the milestones a boy his age is supposed to be meeting.
The ladies wanted a brief history of Elijah’s birth and when we told them they were really sympathetic and I think surprised by the boy that was in front of them. The facilitator had mentioned that when the Public Health Nurse called, she was really excited about Elijah, so I’m sure they already knew that Elijah was doing well. It was nice to hear again, though, that the nurse was excited by him. I could tell she was impressed by Elijah when she was here, but it’s nice to hear that she was sharing her excitement with the facilitator.
The services provided by Early Intervention are “free” (provided by the state) if you qualify. To qualify, a child should be showing some kind of developmental delay. The qualification in Minnesota has changed recently to include children who have had a risky start in life. The good news is that right now Elijah is developing like he should and wouldn’t have qualified in the past. He is doing so well and God is so good to us!


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