Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We are having a lot of fun in the Dells. Elijah is just thriving. He loves being out and about and seems to be learning more and more each day. (I’m afraid that he’ll be bored at home when he’s just with mommy!) He has gotten pretty good at holding up his head while being held on our shoulder (or on his tummy) and he likes to look around.
Life is good. Elijah is a pretty happy baby. He is such a joy and everyone loves him. He really is a miracle and God sure has blessed us. I’m sure I have more things to report, but my brain seems a little fuzzy. I am still pretty tired, but my joy meter is full and I’m running on that. Elijah is fussing, so I’d better take care of him. :) What a privilege.
(Oh, and Pa Wagner…I’m uploading some photos after I post this. It’ll take a bit since this internet connection is slooow, but that should help with your photo withdrawal problem:))


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