Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who knew taking a shower could feel like a mini tropical vacation? (Granted, it’s raining on the beach, but I like rain). Who knew napping would become my favorite pastime? Who knew you could love someone so much, when you’ve only known them for a short amount of time? Who knew life could be so wonderful, beautiful, and scary all at the same time? Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but I’m pretty sure God wanted me to know.
Elijah has been really fun lately. He’s bringing his hands together a lot and he’s been really good with tummy time. He doesn’t seem to get as mad about being on his tummy and he’s gotten excellent at his head control. He does little mini push-ups while I cheer him on – it’s so fun!
Yesterday I was laying a blanket on the floor and the corner of the blanket went over Elijah’s face on accident. I said,”Where’d Elijah go?” and Elijah pushed the blanket off of his face. ”There he is!” I exclaimed. Granted, I think that Elijah was just flailing his arm, but it was pretty cute so I decided to make it into a game. I kept putting the blanket over his face and he kept pushing it off. I’m not sure if he was connecting that he was the one moving the blanket, but he sure did seem pleased with himself and kept giving me these big smiles. It was a fun moment for me since he’s becoming more and more aware and therefore more and more fun.
We don’t have any appointments this week and that is so nice! Perhaps I can actually get some things done…perhaps. J
P.S. Elijah wanted to say hi to Grandma Teri. He said he’d be thinking of you tomorrow morning.


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