Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, we’re home after the extended Thanksgiving weekend. We had a really great, relaxing weekend with family and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things.
Fond memories of last year’s Thanksgiving came flooding back to me this weekend. It was a special one because we announced to our families that we were going to have a baby. I had this awesome speech planned out in my head. “Congratulations,” I was going to say. “Some of you are going to become grandparents and some of you are going to be aunts or uncles…We’re having a baby!” It would’ve been perfect.
Instead, my speech didn’t go quite as planned. Childhood stories were being exchanged around the dinner table, so I just blurted out, “Speaking of kids…we’re going to have one!” I barely got out that one sentence because I started to cry. There’s no way I could’ve said my little speech. The magnitude and joy of what I was saying came over me – that and those pregnancy hormones kicked in. :) Either way, it was a special moment and everyone was so happy to hear the news. It didn’t go as I planned it in my head, but it was sweet nonetheless. Life is like that isn’t it? It doesn’t go as planned, but it sure is sweet.
Now this year, the little one we announced last year was here with us for Thanksgiving. Elijah is truly something to be thankful for!
We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well…that you counted your blessings and gave thanks to God. We’re thankful for all of you…we hope that you know it!


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