Thursday, November 15, 2007

This morning Elijah and I were visited by “auntie” Heidi. The three of us had a nice visit. It was great for me to have my friend to chat with and it was great for Elijah to have some cuddling (I’m not sure if he gets enough). :)
This afternoon Early Intervention (a Teacher and an Occupational Therapist) came over to work with Elijah. They left a couple of toys and showed me some things to do to promote his development. The Occupational Therapist didn’t notice anything in terms of Elijah’s tone. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a problem, it just means she didn’t notice. I take that to be a good thing since determining tone can be pretty subjective. Since Dr. Gloom always seems to go to the worst case scenario, I’m hopeful that he’s wrong about Elijah’s tone. As long as it doesn’t get any tighter, I think it will be fine. At least I hope.
Elijah wasn’t awake for most of the visit with Early Intervention, but he was a little bit. He worked with the Occupational Therapist and was smiling at her and tracking and did really well. She seemed impressed that he is fairly vocal. They didn’t have anything negative to say, so that’s good. Hopefully he will keep on developing like he has been.
Please pray that Elijah’s head hasn’t fused together prematurely and that his head molding starts to round out on its own. That’s what we are the most worried about – we don’t want him to have to have surgery and go through another hospital stay. Continue to pray for a complete recovery. Elijah is showing good signs that he is going to do well. The tests have never said that he would, but God can do anything. We’ll keep you posted.


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