Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If we could, Andy and I would trade places with Elijah in a heartbeat. It’s so hard to watch your child get a scraped knee, let alone what we’ve had (or may have) to watch Elijah go through. We know that we’ll make it through whatever the future holds for us – good or bad – with God carrying us through.
Thanks for the prayers – God answered another for us today…Elijah slept through the CT scan! J I was so worried about it last night and today. I know that neither Andy nor I slept very well last night. It feels like we’re going back in time. Here we are asking for our laundry list of prayers again in our journal and the very smell of the soap at the hospital brought me back to when Elijah was in the NICU and ICC. I don’t want to go back.
I do know that we’re going forward, not backwards. I watch my little man and then I don’t care what the doctors say. Elijah is a living miracle and he will continue to be one. God has not neglected to take care of us. He has answered every one of our prayers, so how can we doubt Him? I know that He has a plan that I may not be able to completely understand now. When you put things into that perspective, we feel like we can do anything. This is just our temporary existence after all. Trivial things certainly don’t seem to matter anymore.
Watching your son’s head in a CT scan, on the other hand, does seem to matter. It’s not really a fun thing to watch, but thankfully the little man slept through the whole thing and Andy and I were able to stand on both sides of him as the test was done. We have the film of the images, but of course they don’t really mean much to us. We’ll know more when we meet with the neurosurgeon on Tuesday.
Tomorrow Early Intervention is coming to work with Elijah. His development continues to be on track, which is what really matters. I still believe that Elijah can be completely fine. I can’t lose hope. I know Elijah has a lot working against him, but God, who made the universe, can certainly fix one little head and one little brain. Please pray for that.


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