Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did You Know It's Already Been

a week since Thanksgiving?

Does anyone else sometimes feel like life is passing by in fast forward? My weeks seem exceptionally long and yet they pass in the blink of an eye. Am I the only one?

At times, I feel so overwhelmed by life. Is it just me? I mean, there's always so much to be done, so much I'd like to do doing. So much therapy, teaching, hoping to do for Elijah. There's always something to do, from housework to therapy, to writing emails (I'm so behind) to updating this blog (which I love to do). Where is the time to just be, to just sit and read and be together without thoughts of what needs to be done?

Thanksgiving gave us a chance to do just that: relax, to read, to sit with family and talk and do...nothing. I like nothing sometimes. I took a several day break from the Internet. Sometimes it's nice to get away. With that said, I'm thankful for this crazy life of ours. I'm thankful for family and friends who've been so helpful and supportive over the past two years. I'm thankful for people who cheer Elijah on, who watch him with a smile on their faces. I'm thankful for people who see the miracles when they see our son. I'm thankful for acceptance and for hope. I'm thankful for my bloggy friends.

I write Elijahland posts in my head often. I wish I'd get them on "paper" more often, because I'd intended to write a post about how thankful I was for Thanksgiving...and a week has already passed me by. Can someone tell me where the slow-mo button is? I can't seem to find it.


Grandpa Dennis said...

Glad I got to spend a couple of days with Elijah and his Mom. Elijah doesn't know how entertaining he can be, or does he?

I always feel I see improvement in him. I sometimes wonder if it wishful thinking, and then I say "who am I kidding?" Elijah is continuing to learn and overcome.

I am thankful to be one of his four loving grandparents.
Love, Dad and Grandpa Dennis

Anonymous said...

this whole years seems to have flown by. I'm not sure where it went.
sometimes I'm happy about that and sometimes not.

Kathy Lausted said...

Yes, please tell me where the time goes. What a struggle it is sometimes to keep up! Being a mother of a beautiful son takes a lot of your time. And it is nice to take the time to reflect on the things you are thankful for. It was nice for you to do that, Lisa, and to remind us:) Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter, mother to our grandson and wife to your husband. You bring special joy to all of us along with Elijah and Andy. Keep up all that you do. We love you, Mom

Jennifer Thayer said...

Lisa, I know exactly how you feel!
Rush, rush, think, think, hurry, hurry, plan, plan, therapy, therapy!
I feel such guilt when I S L O W down and take ME time.
What a way with words you have. I needed that this Friday morning.

Friday is Roa's "day off". I think we will do something fun... such as allowing him to pull the ornaments off the Christmas tree one by one!

Anonymous said...


My life is all good and more full than I feel competent to manage. It's a daily challenge to prioritize. Sigh.

On the good side, I have much to be thankful for, too.

Lookout! Here's comes Sunday!


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