Monday, November 23, 2009

In Their PJs

One morning this weekend, Elijah sidestepped around his shoes very carefully to get to our back door.

He touched the door, looked down at his shoes, and walked a few feet over to me. He backed up into me like he was going to sit on my lap, but missed and sat on the floor next to me - his feet kicking, his face looking expectantly up at me.

It was clear what he wanted. "Mommy I'd like to go outside please. Could you help me get my shoes on?" he said without moving his lips. I looked down at our pajamas and the temperature gauge which read 30 degrees fehrenheit. What to do?...he'd asked so nicely.

So, Andy grabbed his coat and Elijah's coat and they got all bundled up. They went outside to play while still in their pajamas. I watched from inside making breakfast with a smile on my face thinking that life is good.


Kathy Lausted said...

Ahhh! The simple pleasures of life. What more can you ask?

Love you all, GramMomKat

Jill Lynum Williams said...

Communication is such a gift and happens in so many ways. Whether it be someone "talking" with their eyes, their hands , their mouth or just a gesture we begin to understand what a person may need or want. It also means that his brain is really figuring out how to get that point across. What a wonderful way to start the day playing outside in the jammies. Maybe we all should try it!!

Lisa said...

Mom- I can't really ask for anything more. :)

Hi Jill! You're right, communication is such a gift. When a person is nonverbal, you've got to tune in so much more to those nonverbal cues. Communication is communication and I'm thankful for that. I think we'd all be happier if we played outside in our jammies every day! Let's do it! :)

Anonymous said...

VERY sweet!

Do y'all have a sign for outside?


Michelle said...

That is so sweet! And what a beatiful area you live in. Vegas is so... deserty. :)
It is truly amazing what a child can say without moving their lips. I have maybe done too good of a job understanding Weston's non-verbal communication, because he doesn't seem to care to talk. (he's almost three)
By the way, I just love this post. It is so worthwhile to appreciate these precious moments!

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