Friday, December 11, 2009

Memories of Cold Weather Days

After watching Elijah playing in the snow this week, I got a little nostalgic about his past two winters - his cute hats and snowsuits from days gone by. I decided to take a trip down memory lane via pictures. Care to join me?

Elijah at three months old, during his first snowfall ever.

I'm including the smiley photo because he's just so cute. Both photos were taken on the same day - December 1, 2007. I love the smiley boy picture and yet it fills me with sadness to see the deep ridges in his head from his hurt brain. Joy and sadness are so interlocked that sometimes they are carried in the same envelope. But, I digress...back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Elijah wearing Uncle Dan's hat - 4 months old
Wearing his cute penguin snowsuit - 4 months old
Adorable sweater and hat combo - 5 Months old

Elijah's first snowman - 7 months old
(he wasn't that impressed)
Just when we thought winter was over...a spring snowstorm - 7 months old

"Watching" the deer in the backyard - 7 months old
In his winter gear - 15 months old
On the go during his second round of HBOT - 19 months old
I can't help but wonder...where did that little baby go? Ahhh, nostalgia.


Tammy said...

That little baby is simply getting cuter and cuter day by day!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see his progression and growth!


GramKat said...

Lisa, Enjoyed the trip down memory lane. How much enjoyment Elijah brings us day by day. The time goes so fast. Thanks for keeping us posted on your updates. I'm sure I can speak for the other Grands, how enjoyable it is to see pictures. Keep up the good work, Mom Lisa.... and Dad Andy.... Love, GramKat

Jennifer Thayer said...

I checked out your cute pictures a few days ago, but didn't get a chance to comment until tonight!
Could he be any sweeter?! Man, he is so expressive! That face tells you it all, without words!

Charity said...

So sweet, my babies are so big now, so I enjoyed looking at pictures at a little one. THANKS FOR SHARING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

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