Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two in Two

I can't believe that our little man is going to be TWO in just TWO days!

Looking back over these last two years, I'm filled with awe. Elijah has accomplished so much in just this past year. He's learned to crawl, walk, jump, gallop, and run. He's learned to wave and shake his head no. He has picked things up from the floor. It may not seem amazing to some, but many of you do know - these are not minor feats. He has learned so much.

Yes, Elijah still has a lot of work to do. There are words I long to hear, things I hope he will one day be able to see, items he will be able to pick up. At times, the delays cloud my ability to see the progress. But, as I look back on these past two years I am nothing but amazed at this little man. If this past year is any indication, I'd say who knows what Elijah will do in the next year. He has learned so much.

Elijah, my boy, the sky is the limit...when are you going to teach me to fly? I have learned so much.


Kathy Lausted said...

Lisa, Andy and Elijah,


You have taught us all. We have learned so much from you.

Lisa and Andy,

You have been wonderful parents. You have given your love to your beautiful son. There will be more to learn.

My heart sometimes overwhelms me with love for you all. Through it all God is good and there to help and comfort.

Love, MomKat, Gramma

Michelle said...

Two incredible years! Happy almost birthday Elijah! Hope it is a wonderful, fun occasion... I have no doubt that it will be. :)

Hey, I just realized that my baby could very well be born on his birthday, considering that tomorrow is my "due date."

Anonymous said...

YAY for Eli Turning 2! he has learned so much and you guys are great parents to guide him! Heres to many more happy years where Eli will move in leaps and bounds :)

Karen Lausted

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Happy (almost) Birthday sweet Elijah!! He has overcome so much and every little step, hop, & jump is a BIG victory.

Grandpa Dennis said...

Two years. Where did that time go? With Debit cards and Credit cards, and email, etc. we hardly ever write down dates. When I do, I no longer ask the day, I ask the year.
Elijah, you have been a teacher. You have taught us what is important in life, you have taught us to smell the roses.
I am more aware of those with special needs, of people suffering various ailments, physically and emotionally.
Your dogged determination to overcome is inspiring.
You have helped my faith in God. Yes, I ask why, but I know there is a plan for all of us and that of course includes you. All will be healed someday and God didn't use this phrase, but I think He would have said in modern talk. "And, you can take that to the bank."
Thanks Elijah.
Love from Grandpa Lausted

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