Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stair Master

Elijah is learning how to walk down the stairs by himself! As you'll see in the video, he still needs a lot of supervision when it comes to the stairs, but he's definitely getting there.

The cool thing? I've been trying to teach him how to scoot down the stairs on his butt (since he was opposed to climbing down backwards) and he's figuring out how to walk down on his own. To me, that means he's problem solving.

The other thing it shows is just how opposed he is to using his hands. Most kids would learn how to walk down the stairs by holding onto a railing. Elijah has never held onto anything while going down the stairs other than our hands (which he's done a lot, so he's had lots of practice). It would be so much easier for him (and safer!) if he'd just hold onto something. I have to say, though, I love this kid's determination.


Christina said...

That's awesome! Both Mitch and I were watching and got a bit teary eyed (happy ones of course). Like you say... Love this kids determination!

Anonymous said...

There are some very positive things that I see that are quite encouraging. In just two failed attempts (where he fell) Elijah recognized the danger and adjusted his approach to cautiously lower one foot to the next step instead of just stepping off the higher stair.

His determination shines through the entire stair episode too.

Elijah also clearly recognizes that he has accomplished something important when he finally made it all the way down to the goal of the first floor. In my opinion, these are great cognitive recognition indicators of his processing and learning abilities.

Keep up the great work guys. Elijah and you both are an inspiration to me in many ways.

Jim Buckmaster

Kathy Lausted said...

Yes, Elijah!! It ws so nice to see his determination to get down those stairs (without hands) and looking to his parents for the approval and recognition that he did something. I am proud of you all!! Love, GramKat

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Austin is working on this too, except we only have brick & concrete no tumbling allowed!!! OUCH! It looks like Elijah got it!!! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

That first roll was beyond cute! (Since he was not hurt, of course.) He so wants to walk down the stairs - a very good sign! He did well.

If you are looking into my archives, be sure to read my spring blog carival, 'Homing Development' - it is in April, I think.

Loved the way the two of you encouraged him, too.


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