Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watching Babies Talk

Sometimes the best teachers are children, so I thought having Elijah watch other kids (specifically babies) talking would be good for his development.

So where was I going to get these little babies for Elijah to listen to? Well, YouTube of course! I searched for "Baby Talking" and I came up with all sorts of videos to watch with Elijah.

The following video is a cute little clip of Elijah watching a baby talking. I just love watching Elijah's reactions to this little girl...
If you're curious and want to watch what we were watching, you can find it here.


Unknown said...

This little girl's husband may have a tough time getting a word in. Her breath control is pretty good on her phrasing already.

Anonymous said...

Elijah - I do believe you have the greatest smile ever! Lisa - I thought you'd say, why the Wilson's of course! ;-) We miss you guys and would love to see you again soon.
Ann, Curt, Aubrey and Andrew

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