Monday, June 22, 2009

To Andy

As you all know, yesterday was Father's Day. I know I'm a day late, but I wanted to pay tribute to Andy, the daddy here in Elijahland. Here's Andy's life as a dad in pictures...

Although I've complained about not getting to hold Elijah until he was three days old, I've never once heard my wonderful hubby complain about having to wait until Elijah was four days old until he got to hold our precious boy in his arms.
Andy was my rock in those early days. He held me up and took care of both Elijah and me. The NICU is a scary place. It's a place no one wants to be, but being there with Andy seemed safer.

I was honestly surprised at how natural Andy was as a dad. He was never scared to change a diaper or hold his fragile newborn son. In the hospital, he changed most of Elijah's diapers (I was still recovering from surgery). Even though the nurses could have done it, Andy always jumped in to take care of his son.
From the beginning, Andy and Elijah seemed to have a special bond. Mom was all right in Elijah's eyes, but dad - he was the coolest guy in the world.
When Andy had to return to work after his paternity leave, Elijah definitely noticed when his dad got home from work. He was and is so in love with his daddy.
This is hands down my favorite picture of Elijah and his dad. Elijah had been home for a few days. It was such a joy to finally be able to take care of our son at home. So precious
Andy is an innovative parent. He always figures out better ways to take care of Elijah.
He's always available for a snuggle.
Andy is Elijah's favorite playmate. He finds new and fun ways to entertain and teach our boy. I can do the same excact thing as Andy and get no reaction. Andy, however, is hilarious.

Not only is he handsome, he's more than willing to wear a burp rag on his shoulder - and he makes it look good
He makes his boy smile on a daily basis.

Andy does the bedtime routine almost every night and is a rockstar at getting Elijah to sleep.
He gives the best kisses!
He is constantly making Elijah laugh. "Tortellini!"
When I wasn't able to do swimming lessons with Elijah, Andy stepped in. And he didn't even care that he was the only guy in the class.
Andy is usually the one to give Elijah a bath - they both love it!
Andy finds opportunities to teach our son in everyday situations (and, might I add, he's really good at hanging things on our walls!).
He's more than willing to give Elijah a ride.
He seeks out alternatives to help our little guy recover. It's become a passion of his - and even better is his desire to help
other parents find ways to help their kids too.
He shares the things he is
passionate about with Elijah - and it shows. Elijah loves music!
He's played mini-golf with Elijah strapped to his back.
He always makes time for Elijah, no matter what. Chores in the yard can wait.
He even lets Elijah touch his computer (gasp!)
He is known as the "fun guy" in our house, not to be confused with fungi, which is a totally different thing.
He does guy stuff with Elijah, such as watching the Super Bowl.
Perhaps the most important thing...he's a really good husband. He loves us and takes good care of us. Elijah and I are quite fond of him. Thanks for all you do Andy! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Nice guy, that Andy. It helps that he has a supportive wife. Elijah is a joy to love. You guys have went thru a lot of learning opportunities these past 23 months.
Everything ultimately works out for those who love Him. Stay the course. Love Dadden

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to the two most special people in your life! Well said!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree! What a wonderful guy and Father Andy is!!! You have a wonderful family. Lisa and Elijah are very blessed. We are, too. Love, MomKat

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