Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Neighbors Must Think We're Crazy

The Garden
Last night, Andy and I finally finished planting our garden. It's the first garden we've ever planted together and we're quite proud (although pretty certain the whole thing will be eaten by the numerous rabbits in our backyard). Optimistic, I know.

Getting anything done while Elijah is around is quite challenging and I remember why it is that I never seem to get anything done. He needs constant supervision as he walks around our yard, trampling through the aforementioned garden, walking backwards - and seemingly unaware of all of the trees (and other dangers) we have in our yard. We constantly yell, "Elijah! Watch out! Tree!" and he listens...sometimes. Basically, only one person can work while the other makes sure the little man doesn't crash into a tree.

After Andy did all the manual labor, he took Elijah inside to get ready for bed. That left me to plant the garden, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Unexpected Visitor
That is, until a red fox walked through our backyard about fifteen feet from me. I had the hoe in my hand, ready to defend myself, but the fox walked by me without so much as a second glance. I walked backwards (I'm learning from Elijah!) to our house and tried to slow down my heart rate. The creature was gone and after a brief break, I went back to finish planting (okay, and after googling to see how dangerous foxes are - not so dangerous to humans, by the way. Good to know).

Crazy People
It took Elijah forever to get to sleep and by the time Andy came back outside to join me, it was dark. Imagine the two of us, trying to figure out where to plant our seeds and watering our plants in the dark. I put some more flowers around our mailbox and I couldn't help but our neighbors think we're crazy? Probably. We finished our gardening at 10:30. We are a little crazy perhaps.

What did I do with all my time before Elijah came along? I really have no idea.


Michelle said...

I have to say it is a relief to know that I am not in danger of being attacked by a fox unless it has rabies... just imagine all the questions that would go unanswered if it were not for google!
I just had to chuckle at the image of you out there by your mailbox planting flowers at 10:00 at night! Too funny. I can totally relate!

Christina L. said...

I'm guessing the neighbors weren't watching. And if they were.... they would have had time to help you!!! I wish we had the space for a garden and our own plants and even kids walking backwards in through the yard! Hopefully soon! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what I did with all my time before our girls were born. I always thought I was so busy back then. Ha!

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