Sunday, August 26, 2007

Small Miracles

I’ve been thinking of small miracles today. Elijah keeps improving and he continues to amaze me. I kept thinking of the scripture today that says God was in a still small voice. I didn’t remember it was a scripture about Elijah until the car ride home. God has continued to comfort me and heal Elijah. And He keeps answering in a still small voice that Elijah is going to be okay. I was also thinking about Elijah’s name and what it means, which is: the Lord is God. Just like the Elijah in the Bible, I believe our little Elijah has proven his name time and again even though he is the tender age of 12 days old. God’s hand in his life so far is so incredibly obvious. People’s prayers are being answered and hopefully this can increase other’s faith that The Lord is indeed God. The Elijah in the Bible turned people to the true God and I feel like God has a purpose for our little Elijah as well. (If you’re curious about the still small voice scripture, it’s in I Kings 19).

When we got to Elijah today, we were told he had woken up a little for his morning feeding. That was great news. We were also told that he was a bit cold through the night and they were threatening to put him back under the warmer. We definitely don’t want that since it can be a neurological problem and might mean he’s not able to control his temperature. I hate to think of him needing to be under a warmer since it makes me think he’s like a McDonald’s cheeseburger. (Yes, I do still have my sense of humor!) The nurse thought she would give him one more chance to get warmed up on his own, so she bundled him all up and we held him for an hour while we prayed that he would warm up. When she took his temp again, it was in the range that they like to see, but still on the low side. His temp fluctuated throughout the day, but stayed in the normal range. We did hold him pretty much the entire day, so that kept him warm. Please pray that he’ll be able to stay warm on his own.

Elijah was also much more alert today and he was waking up at the right times…feeding time. He woke up for us at almost all of his feedings, which is really great. We tried to nurse again today, but we didn’t quite figure it out. It’s a learning process for both of us and I know that we can figure it out. I feel some pressure for us to get the hang of it so that we can go home. We could use some prayers that we’ll keep getting better at it and that Elijah will continue to have more awake times so that we can all go home. I can’t wait.
Elijah made more noise today which was cute. He makes little grunting sounds and he seems to be getting a teeny bit louder. He still hasn’t cried. He makes his cry face, but it never lasts for very long. He seems to be happy all of the time. I think he’s just generally a happy guy. Poor guy had a rough start, but he’s optimistic. I think that’s all for tonight. I need to go to bed, I’m exhausted! Thanks for your continued prayers. God has been listening and I am confident He will continue to listen.


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