Monday, August 20, 2007

Gagging, Stretching and Yawning

Today has been a good day for Elijah, but not for daddy. Andy has not been feeling well today and had to stay home and get some much needed rest. It's been really hard for him to be away from little Elijah today, but it's really important for him to get better.

This morning mommy and grandma Teri drove in to see Elijah and we were so pleased to see him moving about this morning. He was stretching and yawning and it was so cute to watch.
We visited him later and he was pretty sedated again. I figure he was just in a deep sleep because later uncle Andy came to visit and he was showing off for his uncle. He was stretching a lot and yawning and moving his arms a lot, which he wasn't doing yesterday. He'll arch his back and stretch out his legs and arms and it's so great to see him making improvements.

The doctor came to see Elijah while uncle Andy was visiting and gave us some good news. She was glad to see Elijah making so many movements. And great news: He gagged today. I know that sounds funny, but it's pretty exciting. The doctor and RN moved his resperator and his gag reflex kicked in. He was flailing his arms and legs and I could hear him gagging a bit. He was showing discomfort, which is definitely a good sign. Also, they're starting to feed him some breast milk this afternoon. That should help him.

I just got news on the EEG. It looks better than last time and there are no signs of seizures. The EEG also measures the way eletrical brain activity is organized and the neurologist said it looked abnormal...whatever that means. I have come to not like this man because he has become "Mr. worse case scenario man" to me. As far as I'm concerned, things can improve and he makes it seem like that's not possible. Anything is possible with God. We could use prayers that his brain function will improve and that his MRI (which is scheduled for tommorow) will show some good news. Thanks to everyone for all of your comments and prayers. They have been such an incredible comfort to us so keep them coming! We know that God has been listening.


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