Sunday, August 19, 2007

Elijah is as Cute as Ever

Elijah is as cute as ever. :)

He is still heavily sedated from all of the anti-seizure medication that was given to him, but it seems he makes small improvements every day. Yesterday he was pretty unresponsive to everything, but today he seemed to respond a bit more.

We were able to get a few smiles out of him, which was so encouraging. He curled his toes a little when we touched his feet and his eyes have been moving as if he wants to open them, but he doesn't quite open them yet. We're hoping he'll open those beautiful eyes for us tommorow. He's also been arching his back and stretching a bit today which he wasn't doing before.

We get to take his temperature if we want and we've changed his diaper a couple of times. I'm sure we won't be as excited about that in the future. :)

When we about to leave tonight, both of us gave Elijah a kiss on the forehead and he smiled. We told him he was doing a good job and "baby talked" a little bit and he seemed to respond to that too. It was a good note to go home on and we can't wait to see him tommorow.

He has his EEG in the morning and we want to be there for that. Every day we hope for more changes as the drugs wear off. Pray that he can regulate his temp, breathe strongly on his own, and gets his gag reflex. We love that little guy!

Elijah on his birthday


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