Thursday, July 10, 2008

Progress Report

The Public Health Nurse came to visit us yesterday, as well as our OT and Vision Consultant. So, I thought it was time for a progress report.

New Stats
Elijah is a growing boy and seems to be gaining an adequate amount of weight. He now weighs 19 pounds, 3.5 ounces and is 30 inches long. He’s getting so big! I don’t remember the exact measurements, but his head size also increased and is up a quarter inch. While his head is growing slower than other children his age, it is definitely growing. We’re so thankful that he is progressing.

Developmental Age
His OT and Vision Consultant were also very pleased with Elijah’s progress. A few weeks back, I was talking to our OT about Elijah and she told me she thought he was at about a six month level developmentally. I can look at in it two ways: with positivity or negativity. To me, it’s a really positive thing. Yes, it means that he’s about four months behind, but it also means that he’s come a long way and is really doing great. It’s still hard at times. I want him to do things at the same time his peers would do them, (of course) but I try to see him as charting his own course. That’s what I’d want for him to do anyway. Isn’t it important to teach your child to be independent and not do what everyone else does? Well, he’s doing things his own way and that’s okay (I have to remind myself!).

Copy Cat
Also a few weeks back, Elijah did something pretty awesome...he played peek-a-boo with me. He really did it! He was lying on my lap and he had his arm up over his eyes. I copied him and said, “Peek-a-boo.” He then copied me and we went back and forth like that for awhile. Andy was there too so he also got to see it. I was so excited. To me, it means he’s in there. He was legitimately playing peek-a-boo with me and it was awesome. Now I just need to get him to do those things with me more often!

We’ve been working on Elijah’s transitions. In other words, we’re trying to teach him how to get into the sitting position by himself or the crawling position by himself, etc. Our OT taught me a long time ago how to move Elijah to teach him how to get himself into sitting. We’ve been doing it for months....yes, months. Elijah is starting to finally help me, which is really exciting. I try to give him the least amount of support, move him to the side and now he’s pushing up on his arms, trying to get himself into that coveted sitting position all on his own. The hard work is paying off and I think that he’ll be able to do it on his own soon. I know that he’ll be able to do it eventually and if I’ve learned anything...the waiting eventually pays off. He will do it...I just need to be patient. (Way easier to say than do!)

Sitting Superman
Elijah’s sitting is going great. His OT said that he’s a little rounded in his spine, so we’re working on getting him to sit up straighter, but he is now able to sit for...drum roll please...seventeen minutes unassisted. I timed him yesterday. He continues to get stronger and teaches me new things everyday. Man, I love my determined, cute, happy, lovely, wonderful little boy. He’s superman to me. Sure, things are harder for him, but just imagine all the things he has to overcome. He’s had everything working against him and has let nothing hold him back. I’m so proud of him!

Never Satisfied Am I?
There are a few things I’m aching for him to do...babbling and crawling. Remember when he didn’t cry? I want him to babble just as much as I wanted him to cry, which is a lot. I think he’s getting closer to babbling. Yesterday he was saying wa-wa-wa-wa-wa when he was complaining. It’s cute...not really babbling, but close. He also says “Ma” when he’s mad, which our OT said is usually how it starts. I don’t even care if he says “dada” first...I just want to hear him talk! J As for crawling, he tries to move those back legs, but falls forward because he doesn’t move his arms in the crawling stance. I know that he’s going to do’s just a matter of waiting...again easier said than done. Apparently God is trying to teach me to be patient!

Awake is the New Sleep
Sleeping is still not going so well, which I think has a lot to do with his stupid eye teeth taking forever to come in. Just yesterday, one of them finally poked through, so I’ve done a little rejoicing over that. Waiting for the second one to come through and then we can relax, right? Ha! Then the molars start!

I’m Incapable of Writing Short Posts!
Anyway, overall things are going great. Elijah continues to progress thanks to many answered prayers. Please continue to pray for him. I want some babbling! Could you send a request for me? :)


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