Monday, July 7, 2008


Elijah saw his first fireworks on Saturday night...and he loved it! Our friends had a fireworks extravaganza at the field beside their house and it was really awesome (we’re talking serious fireworks, the kind you’d see a town display for their residents, lest you think we were watching sparklers:)). The original plan was that Elijah would go to sleep, but when he was still awake at sunset, we decided to bring him out to the firework display.

If you’ve met Elijah, you probably know he loves lights. Granted, light gazing is a symptom of CVI, but it’s still kind of cute how much he adores his lights. So, we thought he just might like to look at the fireworks...and he did. He was really looking at them and seemed to be fascinated by them. It was so cool to watch his reaction. It was a good thing we were given some earplugs because he didn’t like the noise. He did get overwhelmed near the end of it all and started to cry so I had to take him to the house, but he did really great. I can still remember how happy he was that night and it makes me smile. And I recall how he cried all the way home because he was overtired and probably over-stimulated (that’s a lot for a little baby to take in!), but the joy he seemed to experience made it all worth it. I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing, and happy Independence Day! We sure are blessed to live in this great nation, aren’t we? :)


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