Friday, July 11, 2008 that a word? It should be

Since I wrote yesterday, Elijah has been more vocal and rolling around on the floor more than ever. Last night, he rolled under a small table in our dining room. He’s becoming mobile. Sure, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing and is usually rolling away from something (instead of rolling to try to get something). Today, though, he rolled to me. I don’t think that was his objective, but it’s only a matter of time that he’ll figure out what he’s doing. It’s a precursor to crawling and it’s awesome.

And on the talking front, Elijah is definitely making more noises. Last night I was talking to my brother (aka Uncle Dan) on the phone. Elijah was getting kind of grumpy and he started to talk about it...”Wa-wa-wa-ba-ba-ba-wa-wa-wa.” (Almost like babbling) Then this morning, he was talking to Andy. Andy: “You’re a good boy.” Elijah: “Gah” Andy: “Good boy.” Elijah: “Gah” and back and forth they went. Then Andy said “Yeah” Elijah: “Aaah” and back and forth. He’s definitely copying. He did some “conversing” with me today too. Tonight Elijah had his “Auntie” Heidi here babysitting while his mom and dad went on a date (today is our fourth anniversary!) and Heidi said he was copying her too! It’s awesome.

My whole point is that since I wrote, Elijah has made some definite jumps in his development in regards to mobility and verbalization. If you recall, those are the exact things I asked you all for prayers. It’s pretty exciting stuff. God is awesome. Keep praying.


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