Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Great Day

Today was a great day. We went to a historical 19th century farm near our home and Elijah seemed to really enjoy himself. I know that he can’t really understand what was going on (just yet), but he seemed to enjoy being out with us. He looked at the sheep, snuggled with his mommy, and fell asleep in his stroller while we took a walk beside the Mississippi. He didn’t fuss once and we all had a great time. It’s one of those days that left us feeling relaxed and invigorated all at once. It really was a wonderful day.

Speaking of wonderful, our little Elijah seems to be making a lot of improvements lately. Yesterday he started to roll around on the floor and he did it for me again today. I was trying to change his diaper and he rolled away from me...all the way over. I don’t think he’s making the connection that he’s able to get himself where he wants, but movement of any kind is fantastic! The more he rolls, the more his brain will heal, and the more he will figure out what he is doing. It’s pretty exciting. He also seems to be making some attempt to crawl while he is in a crawling stance. He’s tries to move his back legs, but doesn’t move his arms and therefore plows directly into the floor. His arms have been developing slower than his legs, so this is to be expected. He continues to move his arms more and keeps gaining strength, so we keep hoping that he’ll catch up.

Our strong little guy is such a joy and seems to becoming more and more aware of the world around him each day. His smiles simply melt my heart. These last few weeks, though, Elijah has been a little grumpier because his “eye teeth” are coming in. I can’t wait until those come in, because he’s been pretty miserable.

Anyway, it’s time to sleep. I just thought I was overdue for an Elijah update. He’s doing great, thanks for the continued prayers.


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