Friday, January 21, 2011

A Project Six+ Years in the Making

Ever since Andy and I got married, I've wanted to paint an accent wall in our bedroom a dark red.

We lived in an apartment for our first few years of marriage and I never wanted to do the work of painting just to have to paint it back white when we moved.

We bought our house when I was about six months pregnant. Painting our bedroom was about the last thing on my mind, despite the fact that our walls were a light pink. Neither of us were crazy about pink walls.

And then Elijah was born and we haven't exactly lead a life in which decorating our house was a high priority.

A month ago, we finally picked out colors and bought paint...and procrastinated.
Last Sunday I painted. Finally.  This Sunday, I'm going to finish it all as it still needs some touching-up.
That pink swatch in the middle? That's what the paint looks like when really wet (the hot pinkness scared me a little).

Soon my red wall will be complete.  It's about time.

You know what this means? Our life has calmed down enough that we're making more time for things like painting. It's definitely a good thing.


Bri said...

I love it! And I'm so glad things have calmed to a point where you can do something as mundane as paint! Will the other walls stay pink or what color will they be?

Kathy said...

Lisa, Can't wait to see your new room!! Wish I could have been there to help. But then again.....ha..... We could have had so much fun throwing paint around. You have always had an eye for color so I'm sure your room will be beautiful.
Love you, Mom

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